Best Skincare Products for Men

The Best Skincare Products for Men 2024 – Find Your Ideal Product

It's 2024, and there are still people out there absurdly ignoring men’s skincare needs.

All humans have physical and social necessities, and skincare makes up a large portion of them. All hail to the world for recognizing the importance of men’s skincare, and to the brands designing products for them!

Still, it can be hard to select the best skincare products for men even at this age. Most men don’t even know their skin needs and feel blessed to use women’s products. Surprise, surprise, it doesn't work for everyone! Here’s why.

Men’s Skincare vs. Women’s Skincare – Why Separate It?

Although men can use women’s products, and they do so pretty commonly, these products are not designed for their skin. Just like there are separate products for sensitive, oily, or wrinkled skin, men’s skincare products also differ.

Men’s Skincare vs. Women’s Skincare

The reason is the same; their unique body requirements. So, what makes men’s skin different from women's?

Generally speaking men have less sensitive, oilier, and more porous skin. Other differences come with the skin texture, making room for a wide category of differences.

These particular needs call for a separate line of skincare for men. It must have products that really work for their skin needs.

The Best Skincare Products for Men 2024

Less awareness about men’s body needs makes it hard to find the right products. If your immediate friends and family can’t be of any help, you have to research much deeper. 

Fortunately, many companies are now designing standard products for men, such as The Henna Guys. We have summarized our top products in this article so you can surf through them within minutes.

Best Shaving Products for Men

Although men with beards are shifting the stats nowadays, there are still more than 50% of men who prefer a clean shave. 29% of these men do it EVERY DAY! Imagine how many chemicals will build up on your skin for all these years. Switching to green products is the only way to safety.

  • The Henna Guys’ Pre-Shave Oil 

Wait, a cut-free shaving experience WITHOUT any chemical exposure? Why, yes! 

Just like you thought, pre-shave oil is used to minimize the day-to-day rough shaves. It evens up the hair, making the razor glide over smoothly. If you are tired of razor bumps and dry skin after shaving, The Henna Guys’ pre-shave oil is the cue to your problem. 

To begin with, our original pre-shave oil is free of any preservatives and cruelty. An all-natural conditioner, it is a blend of proven plant-based skin-healthy oils like jojoba, marula, and grapeseed.

pre shave oil

You can get one in your favorite scent of Sandalwood, a bitter-sweet fragrance of lemongrass and eucalyptus, or simply unscented. Sandalwood pre-shave oil comes with added anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. It is best suited for sensitive skin (and all other skin types too!). Yet, most people prefer the classical eucalyptus scent. It is moisturizing, extra nourishing, and smells heavenly. 

Get the most of your shaving needs covered with this multi-purpose pre-shave oil. You can even use it as a nourishing oil too! Just take a little on your palms, and apply before or after a shave, or even as a daily conditioner.  

  • Lemongrass and Eucalyptus Shaving Butter 

If you are tired of all the shaving cream preservatives playing with your skin, this natural shaving butter is here to reverse it all. 

The Henna Guy’s shaving butter is a blissful alternative to foamy creams. Let’s say it not just looks cool, but also shows through its results. It’s free of sulfate and other foaming chemicals, so you can look right through the razor.

Lemongrass  Shaving Butter

The key ingredients are essential oils and shea butter. Both of these are excellent moisturizing agents. The product is popular with a lemongrass and eucalyptus scent, but you can choose the alternative sandalwood scent or even an unscented one.

For best results, wash your beard with warm water before shaving with butter. What you can expect from this product is not only a clean, cut-free shave but healthier skin with each passing day. It will top-up your face for the day while preserving its natural charm.

  • Shaving Kit Set for Men

Need an all-in-one solution to cater to your shaving demands? Order The Henna Guys’ shaving kit set!

The pack comes with essential tools as well as shaving products for a cut-free shave. The pre-shave oil will smoothen hair before shaving butter prepares them for a cut. The wooden brush comes with soft bristles that will spread the butter to individual hair strands. 

shaving kit set for men

Once you are done shaving, the aftershave balm will retrieve the skin’s aura. This is what a fairytale shaving experience looks like. You feel every step to be ten times less stressful than your usual routine. Now, boost up your shaving game with the best men's facial kit.

Best Beard Conditioners for Men

Beard is a beauty ornament most men prefer. A well-maintained beard can transform your look from zero to ten. By well-maintained, we mean a beard properly cared for.  

  • The Henna Guys Beard Oil

The basic of the best skincare for men, moisturizer, remains loyal to facial hair also. The ideal product is light on the hair, long-lasting, and free of artificial harm. What else falls true to this description than a natural oil?

Beard Oil - Thicker & Fuller Beard

The category can be wide, but our beard oil covers all such beard health boosters. It has the essence of antiseptic and anti-inflammatory oils. They make itching and beardruff run away like no other. Prominent ones include avocado, jojoba, and argan oil.

To say goodbye to a dry beard, moisturize it daily with The Henna Guys’ beard oil. The five booster oils promote hair growth and strength, resulting in a fuller and thicker beard. All new and old hair strands will be softer and shinier than ever. Revive your masculine ornament with our super oil and enjoy being attractive for the days to come.  

  • The Henna Guys Beard Balm

As a beard is frankly hair, it needs oils and conditioners to look and feel good. This is the bare minimum you should give to every beard hair to keep it healthy. 

But why settle for the minimum when you can get everything covered with The Henna Guys Beard Balm?! It is healthy, natural, and kind to all beard types. The all-organic, vegan ingredients nourish dry and rough hair deeply. In fact, their antiseptic properties are an efficient solution for beardruff, making them a must-have skincare product for men.

Beard Balm

You may use it as an immediate solution to flat, dry, or itchy beard or as an obligatory routine to nourish the hair and skin in the long run. It works as a gel to add volume to your beard and control the flyways. Prepare for the day ahead with lush facial hair.

As an overnight protector, the balm will work on the hair for a long, healthy life. This all-in-one product is suitable for all, every beard color, style, or texture. Make every day a "good beard day" with this top-of-the-line beard balm.

Best Beard Dye - The Henna Guys Henna Beard Dye 

Beard hair color is commonly considered a fashion statement, excluded from skincare. So how does our henna beard dye make it to the best skincare product for men list?

First and foremost, IT IS CARING. Henna is the only natural dye present today that is also brimming with healing compounds. Unlike packet dyes, it does not harm your hair or skin underneath, it nourishes it!

Dark Brown Henna Beard Dye

Henna has been seen to keep away beardruff, infections, pollution, and UV damage. It nourishes the strands with necessary food, making them soft and easily manageable. 

Match your brown head with a similar beard or make it stand out with a reddish hue, all while giving it caring elements. You can find The Henna Guys beard dye in multiple hues of black, brown, and red. Add colors to your life with the best chemical-free beard dye ever! 

Best Beard Wash – Sulfate-Free Beard Wash

We all do the cleaning but don’t really think about what we use for cleaning. Synthetic products are the one reason for brittle hair and dry skin. If we can shift our shampoos and conditioners to be chemical-free, why not do the same to wash our beards?

The all-pure Beard Wash by The Henna Guys is perfect to complete your go-natural routine. If your beard becomes dry and itchy after a bath, this bottle can be your savior. It is loaded with hydrating agents, moisturizers, and protectors, all while keeping the bottle sulfate and paraben-free.   

Like the company’s standard flavors for beard products, you can find this soap in soothing scents of Sandalwood, lemongrass, and eucalyptus. 

You can also use this product to regain hair health after a damaging beard dye. The plant-based oils used in the formulation nourish hair from roots to tips, reducing the split ends and calming the skin underneath. Toss over your ordinary soap in a bin and add this to your day-to-day skincare routine immediately.

Best Facial Products for Men

  • Organic Golden Jojoba Facial Oil

Hearing the word "facial oil" may have you imagining greasy skin. Stop! That’s a feature of low-quality products. The right product maker knows how to deliver maximum benefits with a light texture which, in this case, is The Henna Guys.

Our organic Jojoba oil is prepared with cold-press technology to contain all the vital elements of this magic plant. Together, they boost the skin's health, making it smooth, shiny, and protected. 

Organic Golden Jojoba Luxury Facial & Hair Oil

The classic jojoba has age-defying properties. Its anti-inflammatory effects soothe the skin while the omegas keep the pollution at bay. The product is safe for every family member, even sensitive ones. 

Prepare for glowing skin with each passing day as the oil drops do their magic overnight. The best part is, you can use this product for hair health too! This is the finest 3-in-1 product you can ever find for all genders! 

  • Age-Defying Facial Serum

Reverse your age-wise skin dullness with The Henna Guys' age-defying facial serum. This is another unisex marvel of the company fulfilling unique skin needs. Dryness, dullness, wrinkles, or spots, this magic serum is the ultimate solution for all!

Ultimate Age Defying Facial Serum

Even if you are in your 20s, you can use this serum to protect your skin from day-to-day damage. Niacinamide and Hyaluronic acid in it rebuilds the skin's elasticity, while aloe and rosemary leaf juice fight against germs and pollution. 

Like most of our serums, this product welfares your skin in multiple ways. It keeps hydration status up, acts as a toner to minimize pores, adds a heavenly facial glow, and of course, rewinds the signs of aging. Day or night, it suits every skincare routine.  


Precautionary Measures 

In this list of the best men's skincare products, every mentioned item is natural, vegan-friendly, and cruelty-free. Still, allergies can hide in the most helpful of items. The only way to not evoke it is by doing a patch test every time you use a new product.

Individuals on medications should consult their dermatologist before trying something new. If you feel even the slightest irritation or burning on the applied area, check with your doctor. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Product Is Best for Glowing Skin for Men?

Men can get glowing skin by adopting the right hygiene practices and a natural skincare routine. Our facial oils, serums, and cleansers are the top products for younger-looking glowing skin. 

What Is a Good Men’s Skincare Routine?

Like women, men must use natural cleaners and moisturizers for healthier skin. Pay attention to your shaving regime and include chemical-free shaving gels. For the beard, use plant oils every week. An exfoliating face wash and sunscreen can be a welcome addition to men’s skincare routine. 

Can Men Use Women’s Skincare Products?

Men can definitely use women’s skincare products, except that they won’t feel much benefit. Women’s products are generally designed per their delicate skin. Meanwhile, the best skincare products for men target their rougher and oilier skins more efficiently. 

Which Face Serum Is Good for Men?

A wary-looking wrinkled skin can benefit from The Henna Guys' age-defying or advanced healing facial serums. If pigmentation and dull texture is your problem, brightening and lightening serum will work just the best for you. 

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