Dark Brown Henna Beard Dye
Dark Brown Henna Beard Dye


Dark Brown Henna Beard Dye: It's a weekend and you see those stubborn grey hair in your beard, side burns and hair, you wonder should I dye those with boxed dyes and go through all the burning, itching & annoying fumes, but then you give up the idea to color your hair. Now you don't have to, because our all natural, raw, vegan and gluten-free hair dyes are a gift from heaven, for every man who is allergic to chemical hair dyes, and whoever wants to be pro-active and want to enjoy countless hair health benefits by switching to plant-based hair dyes.

Available shades are..

✓Jet Black     ✓ Dark Brown    ✓ Medium Brown   ✓ Light Brown    ✓ Auburn    ✓ Mahogany   ✓ Natural Red   ✓ Wine Red   ✓ Orange Red

All of our shades are made by using organic ingredients i.e henna, indigo, amla, false daisy, red clay, hibiscus powder etc. We use finest quality of each ingredient and triple sift powders for the perfect non-clumpsy pastes. We ensure each ingredient is fresh to maximize the results.

When it comes to henna or natural hair dyes, there are plenty of brands out there, but quality & integerity is all that we care about, you would think that all henna is same so what difference does it make when you chose one brand or the other, but it actually makes a huge difference.

Here is why our Dark Brown Henna For Beard is highly reviewed and hot natural beard dye.

✓ 100% vegan, raw & chemicals free ✓  Triple cloth sifted powder for smoothest paste ✓  Strict quality control 
✓  Always a fresh and potent batch    ✓  Manufactured in GMP & ISO certified facility.

Your order of dark brown will come containing below contents, if any of these are missing from your kit, let us know and we will replace it for free. 

  • 100 grams dark brown henna
  • 50 grams pure henna
  • Step by step instructions
  • Gloves
  • Shower cap

Dark brown is best used when using two step process. Its a little lenghty process but totaly worth the hassle. we back our product completely and provide full refunds & free products until satisfied.

Allergy Warning: Although our dark brown henna hair & beard dye is 100% natural and does not contain any chemicals or metallic salts, but some people may still be allergic to certain plants and plant based products, to rule that out for our dark brown henna, please do a skin/strand test before a full on application of dark brown henna

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  • Hi, Whats the difference between henna beard dye(DARK BROWN HENNA BEARD DYE) and henna for hair(DARK BROWN HENNA FOR HAIR)? when I see the details both can be used on hair and beard..

    Hello, Henna for hair comes with applicaiton kit for hair, but dark brown henna beard dye comes with kit for beard dye. Hope this helps.

    Thank you!

  • will you come out with one for us blonds?

    It you are asking for blond henna hair dye, then we are sorry but not at the moment. Thank You

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