10 Amazing Benefits of Beetroot Powder for Hair and Skin

10 Amazing Benefits of Beetroot Powder for Hair and Skin

Nutritionally speaking, Beet veggie has been around us for quite some time and has already proven its mark in the world of superfoods, but the idea that beet can heal your skin and hair problems is new.

Surprisingly, you may have already used this food in your salads or burgers.

Sure, we can all agree that beetroot powder is a powerhouse of all the nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and other fancy words that can be used for beauty and medicinal properties.

But the scope of this functional food is still on its own, especially on a modern clinical scope.

In this post, we have shared some amazing benefits of beetroot powder and how it can serve as the ultimate skincare (& haircare) regime for you.

What Beetroot Powder contains?

Beetroot is a root vegetable that is grown all over the world. It is most commonly used in skincare products, natural hair dyes, cooking, and natural medicine.

The beetroot powder is crafted from heating and drying raw beetroot vegetables.

The vegetable itself is a powerhouse of some renowned minerals such as folate, Vitamin C, fiber, potassium, antioxidants, Vitamin B6, manganese, iron, and phosphorus - all of which have their own set of benefits. The powder is excellent for detoxing your skin and helps stimulate blood flow levels.

Other than this, it can also fight signs of wrinkles, get rid of free radicles, replenish dead skin cells and save you from the worry of pigmentation.

In short, if you're looking for something that really brings a change in your life, then beetroot powder is quite handy for you.

Beetroot Powder Benefits for Skin and Hair

Beetroot Powder Benefits for Skin
  1. Wrinkles and Finelines

At some point, we all suffer from the signs of time on our skin. Whether it's fine lines or wrinkles not everyone i s happy to have this. Beetroot powder is a natural ingredient which when applied as a face mask can help you get rid of such problems. Combine it with other natural ingredients like honey and kaolin clay to help slow the effect of aging.

  1. Skin Brightening

Beetroot is a good source of dietary and folate fibers, which is a perfect ingredient to remove impurities and environmental dirt from your skin. You can use a beetroot slice on its own or make a beetroot mask combined with orange peel powder.

Make a mixture of the following ingredients and apply it over your skin. Repeat these steps regularly and you will see considerate results.

  1. Dark Circles

You might have hardly heard about beetroot powder as an alternative to get rid of dark circles. Beetroot increases the blood circulation level over your skin and keeps it fresh and rejuvenated.

Add beetroot powder to your daily natural skincare regime and you'll see massive improvements in your overall dark circle treatment. You can also use it with almond oil and massage under your eyes.

  1. Fights Pimples and Acne

Beetroot powder works wonders on oily skin. It is a perfect natural ingredient loaded with antioxidants which when used as a face mask, dries up acne without leaving a scar.

The best way to use beetroot powder to fight acne is to mix it with plain curd and apply it to your skin for 10-15 minutes. After this, wash your face with cold water and enjoy the freshness.

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  1. Give a touch of red/pink to your cheeks

You may have recently seen a lot of cosmetic products that add a pinch of Red and Pink highlights to your cheeks. Beetroot helps you achieve this naturally. So, no more using cosmetic products to get the make-up evolution you want. Get instant glow with beetroot the right way.

  1. Naturally Moisturize Dry Skin

If you're tired of using all the lotions and products that claim to offer "ultimate moisturization", use a beetroot next time. You can either use it as a face mask or rub the raw vegetable on your face. Continue this process twice daily and you will see the results in a month.

  1. Bright Lips

beetroot powder for skin

This one doesn't include beetroot powder, but the results are just marvelous. If you want to achieve the perfect red lips, look no further than using a beetroot. Apply beetroot juice on your lips before sleeping. Do this regularly and you will see massive improvements within 10 days.

  1. Promote Hair Growth

Mineral deficiency is a common cause that leads to hair loss. Beetroot is rich in iron, potassium, and electrolytes that can help limp your hair breakage. It packs all the natural ingredients to tackle hair loss.

  1. Helps get rid of Dandruff Buildup

The Enzymatic properties of beetroot powder eliminate dry scalp and fungal infection naturally. Mixing natural beetroot powder with your daily hair care routine not only moisturizes your scalp but also makes it shiny and soft.

  1. Hair Dye

Beetroot powder can well be used with natural hair dye to offer a sparkling wine-ride shine. In fact, the powder has already been used in many hair dye products for the coloring process. You can use it with henna colors to get more vibrant and shiny red undertones.

Best Beet Powder to Detoxify and Purify your Skin

At the Henna Guys, we know how frustrating it is if you're struggling with skin problems. The beetroot facial mask is an all-in-one solution to get clean and clear skin.

Combined with other natural ingredients like kaolin clay and bentonite clay, this beetroot mask repairs unhealthy skin cells, cleanses your skin tone, improves color complexion, removes dirt, toxin, and bacteria.

We picked just the right touch of beetroot powder to give you all the gorgeous benefits and nutrients your body needs. Just add the liquid of your choices like milk, yogurt, and other vegetable juice and get all the benefits you've ever wanted.

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