Natural Red Henna For Hair


Natural Red Henna

Our Natural Red Henna is Perfect shade for natural red heads who are willing to add more shine and color to enhance it, or for someone who wants to cover their grey with natural red color. Multiple applications from this henna on light colored hair will dye your hair dark red.

Ingredients: Pure Henna ( Lawsonia Inermis)

How to Apply Natural Red Henna?

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  • Anyone knows how it looks like on dark brown hair?

    Natural red henna will give you red tones in sunlight, you wont really get too much change in the color as it is 100% pure henna! You can add lemon juice in the mixture to get little more redish tones.

    Hope this helps!

  • I am new to henna. I have colored my hair chemically for many years, and it is currently uneven.. how will this affect the henna? I am wanting to start using all natural products, but I don't want to look completely off. My hair is currently a dull, chemical version of this color, kind of an ombre, and light/medium brown roots. Any thoughts?

    So using natural red color from our line would work fine for you, since you have chemically treated hair, first application may not be as good as henna may turn out unexpected for first few treatments on chemcially treated hair, Atleast your 2nd application will come out more even and uniform. How it helps, please keep us posted with your progress!

    Thank you!

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