How long does henna hair dye last?

If you read a box of hair dye it will either say semi-permanent or permanent. If you’ve ever dyed your hair before you know that “permanent” becomes a relative term to use. Sometimes dye can wash out a day or two later or stick around for months before you buy another box to cover it. 

Henna hair dye is similar in that it will be permanent for up to 5 months even after dying it, but you won’t have the same hue for long. It will actually begin to naturally fade from your strands without leaving the streaks or raccoon stripe at top of your head and roots. 

The longer you leave henna on your hair, the darker the shade you will start with, which in turn means it will take longer for the dye to fully fade from your hair. Browns and blacks will definitely take much longer than using pure henna alone. Also, how often to wash your hair, use heat, or other products will also determine how long the color will last (the same as any hair dyes).

We suggest dying your hair once and keep track of any fading and changes in hues. From there, when you dye again (which you can do at any time as there are no chemicals in the dye that your hair needs to “heal” from) you’ll more fully understand your own hair’s reaction to the henna. 

Find a henna product that is 100% pure in natural ingredients without any added fillers, and be sure to follow the directions completely without adding any lemon or other ingredients you think may help. This will ensure you benefit fully from the dye and it will last. 

Reach out for a conversation with a member of The Henna Guys team today or take a look at our current stock to find the product that will work best for your hair type and requirements. 


Thanks for your comment, Silvia! We’re glad you had a great first experience with henna. Your hair will look and feel even better over time.

The Henna Guys September 28, 2020

This is my first time using henna and I am sold. The richness of the color,the way it makes my hair feel and the quality of coverage is amazing. I am so thankful to be able to have this product which is a natural product,better for me and cruelty free. I never thought of this option before but wish I had. Awesome!! I am going to try an essential oil in the henna next time. Thank you so much!

silvia hunkins September 28, 2020

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