Best Hair dye For Burgundy hair

Best Hair dye For Burgundy hair

Ever thought how would stylish burgundy look while it tresses sliding down your shoulders? Achieving a burgundy color is actually tough if one opts for regular chemical-rich dyes. However, getting burgundy onto your hair is very easy and affordable if you opt for henna.

Burgundy henna hair dye packet from “The henna guys” is absolutely the best guardian of your hair because it only has henna and beetroot instead of chemicals and chemicals to damage your hair and scalp. 

Shifting from a commercial hair dye to a henna hair dye might just be tough for you because the making of henna hair dye paste and its application requires efforts but it is worth it. Hence, you clearly have no reasons to stick to chemical-laden colorants because “The henna guys” have just the perfect henna to make you feel awesome in Burgundy colored hair.

Apply Burgundy hair dye

Henna hair dye comes in a powder form and is supposed to be made into a thick paste. You can make this thick paste by adding water, essential oils, juice of a citrus fruit like orange or grapefruit. If you add some drops of your favorite essential oil into the henna paste, it’ll mask the very strong “green” smell of it and you won’t have to deal with it if you don’t like it.

Make this paste in a bowl which you can stand to have henna stains, as these stains won’t go away and you’ll just have to keep it for making henna pastes in future. Second, never ever mix in or make the henna dye paste with bare hands. Make sure you wear gloves that are thick enough and are not too loose on your hands.


I am sure nobody wants henna pigmentation on face and ears and for that you’d need a random petroleum jelly or Vaseline. Apply it generously on your hairline and also lather it onto your ears to save this your skin from the wrath of potential drippings of the henna paste.

Hair smeared with henna are not manageable and impair you from dyeing properly because you don’t know what exactly you are doing if the hair are messy. To manage the hair properly and able to dye them without leaving gaps, divide your hair into sections with the help of small clips.

Touch up

Start applying the henna paste onto roots of a single section just like you apply shampoo. Apply some good amount of henna each time till the end of each hair section. Before moving to other section, if you hair are long enough then make a bun of the paste-smeared hair lock. Apply a topcoat of henna on that bun.\



Once you have covered your hair with significant amount of henna, you need to wrap it up with a cling film such that no gaps are left. You can also use a shower cap, but make sure it is not made up of a very thin material.

Henna will make your head feel cold and very heavy. I mean it, too heavy. It gets better as henna starts to dry. You will only have to wait from 2-3 hours. Don’t extend your period of waiting to six or eight hours as the shade might get undesirably intense and henna cannot lighten.

However, if you get a lighter shade and wanted more of that burgundy then you can always apply it a week later because henna hair dyes are totally free of chemicals and you can apply them over and over again without any second thought.


Rinsing of henna hair dye with water is all about greenish mucky water spewing down you. You need to rinse and scrub it off till there is no more color bleeding. Make sure you use a towel which in inexpensive because there are high chances that there will still be color pigmentation onto the drying cloth. Apply some coconut or argan oil onto your damp hair as well.


Be patient

Henna hair dyes work differently the regular chemical-rich coloring agents. The first look of your hair shade right after the first wash won’t make you very happy. It’d be significantly darker than the tone of Burgundy that you’ll be carrying after the next three days. That tone, will be the real one. You don’t need to do anything; henna lightens on its own in a maximum of two or three days.  



Hello Robin! We’re sorry to hear that you’ve been having problems with online shopping. We offer natural henna hair dye with two organic options — USDA certified organic pure henna (a red-orange color when used on its own) and indigo powders. Rest assured you’ll receive what you ordered when shopping with The Henna Guys. Please let us know if you have any questions.

The Henna Guys

I was looking for an organic product I am to the point I dont wanna order any thing on line because its not what I was I was buying instead some thing else has been sent I would rather go pick it up myself .

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