Coloring your hair red / orange

Coloring your hair red / orange

We all have to admit that a lot of times we want to modify the hair color that we naturally have. More than that, we alter the hair in numerous other ways that expose the protein wires to a big load of chemicals.

Hair are living, they can be just as easily damaged as our skin. It is high time that we stop putting our hair through so many modifying procedures that malnourished our hair. Don't want to give up hair dyeing and still want to go chemical-free?

The henna hair dyes by The henna guys are only a click away now. These hair dyes are a rich blend of henna and other natural coloring agents extracted from plants, trees or other herbs. These seem to be a blessing in comparison to the regular hair dye boxes because they are promised to give you gorgeous results without letting your hair laden with chemicals.

Orange Red shade 

This shade of red is totally on radar this season. This copper tone can add sizzle to your hot look, no matter your are curly, wavy or dead straight.

Anybody can pull off red hair, it is just like putting on red lipstick. However, you just have to be careful that which tone of red would look the best on you. Henna hair dyeing prominently revolves around different shades of red, you just need to order to have a great experience. Generally, copper shades just like Orange Red hair dye adds dimension and a look of volume to the hair.


Henna hair dyeing might be the best thing you have ever gone but it just requires some patience. Stay patient and enjoy the compliments on your natural yet classy look later on.

Make sure you always, always, always slip your hands into proper gloves because henna is notorious for staining hands and fingernails.

For saving the hairline and ears from henna stains, lather the hairline and ears with a petroleum jelly.

While making the henna hair dye paste, don't use an expensive bowl because it might also hold onto to the henna pigment. Avoid your kitchen counters, shelves, glass, carpets and other fabric from potential drops of the henna paste as learning about a henna stain on any of these later on will infuriate you.

While trying to rinse out henna dye from your hair, make sure you don't move your head in a way that the greenish water sends off splashes around to the walls, tubs or elsewhere. Scrub off henna well, you might end up standing in a puddle of mucky water and green water spewing on your shoulders. Don't stop washing your head until the water runs clean.

Despite a lot of scrubbing and rinsing, there's never a guarantee of no color bleeding when it comes to henna. For this, you will have to use an inexpensive towel to dry your hair after the first as well as second wash.

Tips and tricks

Henna hair dye paste is extremely simple to make. You just need to keep on adding water to the powder that comes in the packet till you end up with a thick paste. However, henna staining is exponentially enhanced if the paste is itself acidic. To make the paste acidic, you can add juice of a citrus fruit like grapefruit or orange. Lemon juice works just as great as other citrus fruit juices. Add a few drops of Lavender or Eucalyptus essential oil to keep your hair and scalp away from the strong hay-like aroma of Henna. It is natural but it is pretty strong and that is why you might not want your head to get hold of it.

Warm henna works better. There are two ways that will make the henna warm. You can do both or any one of the two, completely your choice. Number one way to make henna warm is to use hot water to make henna paste instead of regular tap water. The temperature is best if the water added is around 120 F. The second way to introduce heat to this regimen is to cover up your henna-smeared head with a cling or plastic wrap without any gaps. Keep it for a few hours and get amazed by the perfect results.

If you want your hair to house orange red color like never before, then order for this hair dye right away. Free from chemicals and overpricing!

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