Small Waterfall Backflow Incense Burner

$ 14

Product Description

Add our Small Waterfall Incense Burner to any room to aid in your relaxation and rejuvenation. Both sticks and cones can be used with this burner, a great addition to your meditation and yoga rituals.

This ceramic incense burner features a rocky landscape, and when the incense cone is used, the smoke pours down the rocks like a beautiful waterfall in a tropical environment. The black shiny polish matches every space and provides a nice contrast against the smoke.

Why Our Incense Burner
  • Perfect as a gift or for personal use
  • Wood-Burning Aroma
  • Waterfall-Style Smoke Flow
  • Hand-Crafted Ceramic Holder
  • 150 Multicolor Incense Cones Included
  • Easy to Setup and Indoor Safe
  • Modern Style small contemporary look
How to Use the Incense Burner
  1. Light up the top of the circular incense cone
  2. Place the cone on the burner, and wait for a few seconds
  3. The smog will slowly steam and you're all set for refreshment
  4. Enjoy the lovely sight of the waterfall incense effect

Important Note:

Features of Incense Burner

Backflow Incense Waterfall

With the L&I Apthecary ceramic incense burner, you'll get perfect visualization of a waterfall effect, that slowly tumbles into the air - Like a pool. It is one of the warmest sights that one can watch all day. All you have to do is light up the burner and leave the rest to the holder.

Perfect Gift

Want to gift something special to your loved ones? Try out this Ceramic Backflow Waterfall Incense Burner. This decoration item is a perfect organic gift, that not only provides fragrance - but also clears your environment from everyday pollution.


Why go with a traditional incense holder that looks boring and tiresome in your room? This ceramic multi-color increase waterfall burner will not only mesmerize the way you look at the smoke, it surely is a decorative experience in your home.

Various Usage

You can use this burner anywhere in your home. Use it in the living room, office, yoga room, hotel, bedroom, bathroom, or any other place where you want to please the atmosphere.

General Specification
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Cones: 50 Cones (Multicolor)
  • Incense Sticks: 30 Sticks
  • In the Package: Waterfall Incense Burner, Cones, Incense Sticks, cleaning cloth, Mat, and Tweezers

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