Stimulate Hair Growth & Reduce Dandruff - Scalp Massager

$ 10.97

Product Description

Have you ever shampooed your hair multiple times, just to feel more buildup? Ever worry about damaging your nails while scrubbing your hair? This tool might be your new must-have!

🌿 Long bristles help eliminate stubborn flakes and dandruff

🌿 Eliminates product buildup from daily use, giving a deeper clean

🌿 Comfortable bristles provide a pain-free, comfortable experience

🌿 Promotes blood circulation to the scalp to increase hair growth

🌿  Provides a relaxing, at-home scalp massage with little to no effort

How to Use

1. Wet the hair and lather with shampoo

2. Use the Scalp Massager and apply the desired pressure to the scalp

3. Make small circles with the massager, using the same amount of pressure

4. Once the scalp feels squeaky clean, rinse the shampoo

5. Apply and rinse the conditioner 

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