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  • Safety Razor Shave Kit
  • Safety Razor Shave Kit
  • Safety Razor Shave Kit
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The Henna Guys

Safety Razor Shave Kit

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Product Description

Looking for a closer, more luxurious shaving experience? Wanting to spoil that special someone with a luxurious shave set that has everything for their shaving needs?

The Safety Razor Shave Kit from the Henna Guys gives you that exquisite shaving experience you are unlikely to find elsewhere. The kit consists of a bowl, brush, a butterfly open safety razor, rounded and pointed scissors, beard bibs, and a beard cap.

This extensive list of tools will make shaving a thoroughly enjoyable task for you. The kit is a perfect gift for someone struggling with shaving and it is also a great way to get the hang of shaving for beginners. This kit includes well-placed tools, which is a better option than purchasing various devices from different companies.

🌿 Has everything needed for a beginner
🌿 Butterfly Open Safety Razor
🌿 Provides the closest shave
🌿 High-quality, long-lasting pieces

Disclaimer: Keep out of reach of children.

How To Use
  • Put on the beard cap and bib to protect your clothes from shaving residue.
  • Use the shaving bowl and brush to lather the aerated mixture. Slide the mixture over your facial hair evenly.
  • Hold the razor over your skin at a slight angle, and shave in short strokes. Make sure to shave in the direction of the hair growth (mostly downward direction).
  • Rinse the razor clean once it gets clogged up.
  • If your beard is rather long, consider trimming it with scissors before shaving.
Benefits of Safety Razor Kit
  • The Safety Razor Shave Kit is an affordable alternative to your traditional shaving methods. The butterfly razor comes with up to ten replacement blades for ease of usage.
  • The Shave Kit keeps your bathroom spaces organized and tidy. Your shaving tools are encased in one box to avoid cluttering.
  • The kit is compact and reasonably sized, which makes it a perfect travel partner. You can carry it with you wherever you go and always have your shaving tools on hand.