Organic Roll on Essential Oils

$ 20

Product Description

Our USDA-certified Organic Roll-on Essential Oils help you manage some of your toughest daily stressors. Packed into a convenient format for relief at home or on the go, each oil targets a unique concern. From insomnia to aches and pains, find the perfect essential oil for your needs. 

Why organic roll-on essential oils are good for you:

🌿 Easy to carry

🌿 Non-greasy formula

🌿 USDA-Certified Organic

🌿 Suitable for all ages

🌿 No diffuser needed

This carefully crafted blend helps relieve muscle pain and stress. Our USDA-Certified Organic Deep Blue Muscle Relief Roll-on is designed to help ease achiness and sore muscles by penetrating deeply into problem areas.

    Key Ingredients 
    • Organic Marula Oil – Packed with natural healing properties to benefit the skin
    • Organic Eucalyptus Oil – Boosts energy, fights stress and helps fight dandruff
    • Organic Peppermint Essential Oil – Soothes skin and boosts energy
    • Organic Spruce Essential Oil – Helps relieve muscle aches and wounds


    Organic Roll on Essential Oil, USDA Certified, Blended with Luxury Organic Marula Oil for skin



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