Microfiber Bow Towel HeadBand Makeup Spa

$ 9.97

Product Description

Our thick, soft, and comfortable towel headband are made of ultra-reliable super absorbent microfiber material, comfortable to wear after your everyday wash usage. The headband is made to wear after spa, beach, shower, swimming, bath, or any dripping scenario while you're drying your hair.

You can wear them on your wet hair or dry hair. Comes in a cute, pink, and brown color, perfect to use for all your hair care needs.

  • Microfiber Material, 2 cute colors
  • Protects your hair from breakage
  • Fast dry time, no dripping
  • Premium quality material, soft to touch
  • Large headband, great for all
  • Perfect to use as a gift or personal usage
Why use Bow Headband

Extremely Soft Material

Our towel headbands are made with a very soft, lightweight, and plush bow microfiber material, making it a much gentler to look on your locks.

A style for everyone

Start your day off in your own bow design. These microfiber headbands are available in brown and pink colors, with a micro dotted pattern to suit all your taste and style. You can wear them wherever you want, whenever you want.

Helps control hair damage

Our bow towel headbands not only acts as a dryer, but they also control your hair damage. First of all, they are softer to wear on your hair. Second, by absorbing the water, they make sure that your hair is protected from any use of heat. Limiting the amount of heat exposure automatically improves your hair health.

Multipurpose Usage

These headbands are practical accessories. They are ideal after a swim or shower, during a bath, in the gym, yoga studio, and convenient to do make up- Use them instead of the towel and make your features pop up with a fashionable messy bun.

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