Jet Black Henna Beard Dye

$ 16.97

Product Description

Say goodbye to chemical hair dye and hello to a fresh new look with our vegan Jet Black Henna Beard Dye. Prepared in small and fresh batches, it is made up of chemical-free and 100% natural plant-based ingredients and provides amazing color quality.

  • No more chemical reactions
  • Cover your gray hair naturally
  • Two-step process 
  • 100% Natural Product
  • Money-back satisfaction 

Our Jet Black Henna Beard Dye is made up of two pure and simple ingredients: henna and indigo powder, both derived from plants. This two-step process of henna hair dye will result in the darkest of blacks, leaving everyone in awe, while also providing the hair with beneficial conditioning

Why The Henna Guys?

Here is why we are the top-selling brand in North America.

 Gluten-free, raw, & natural hair dye
✅ Chemical-free, silky smooth
✅ It comes with pure henna & indigo powder
✅ Triple-sifted powder for non-clumpy paste
✅ Always a fresh batch, ethically-produced
✅ Comes with shower cap, gloves, & application instructions 


Ingredients and how they work
  • Henna (Lawsonia inermis)

Used as the base coloring agent, we use henna made from hand-selected henna leaves. It is then made into powder form to get the full potential of the red hues it provides. Henna acts as a conditioner so that your facial hair looks dapper and attractive.

  • Indigo (Indigofera tinctoria)

To manipulate and change the red tones of henna to a jet black color, we use a large ratio of indigo powder in the mixture. This ingredient, which comes from the indigo plant, helps use create dark-toned, natural dyes.

How to Apply

Click below to view printable application instructions.

Application Instructions Download PDF


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