Goat Milk & Turmeric Root Powder Mask

$ 18.97

Product Description


  • Kaolin Clay – Helps remove excess dirt and bacteria from deep within skin
  • Bentonite Clay – Acts as a natural oil controller so skin looks light and fresh
  • Goat Milk Powder – Provides the skin with numerous essential vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids
  • Organic Turmeric Root – Powerful antioxidant helps remove any traces of toxins trapped in the skin and evens complexion
  • Organic Mustard Seed – Helps increase circulation to promote healthier skin


Paraben-free / Phlatalate-free / Gluten-free

Take your skin on a retreat with our goat milk and turmeric root powder masque. Made with 100% pure and natural ingredients, this mask allows you to get creative and whip up your own personalized mask. Add your choice of liquid and any other ingredients that might be additionally beneficial and watch the magic happen with this superb masque.

Goat Milk & Turmeric Root Clay based Masque made with Kolin Clay, Bentonite clay, Turmeric Root. Helps skin exfoliant and improves skin texture.

  •   Perfect remedy for acne, dry skin, wrinkles, and eczema
  •   Helps reduce inflammation and slows down cell damage
  •   Leaves skin feeling smooth, fresh, and healthy
  •   Suitable for all skin types
  •   Chemical and additive free
  •   Extremely versatile



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