Goat Milk & Honey Bath Soak

$ 15.95

Product Description


Made with Organic Goat Milk & Honey. Lactic Acid in milk help skin feel soft and lighter with brighter and more radiant appearance. Perfect for drying and aging skin, improves fine wrinkles. Add 1-4 Tbsp to your bath and soak as long as desired.


  • Honey  – Traps moisture and strengthens your skin structure while adding shine to your complexion
  • Goat Milk Powder – Enriched with Vitamin A that helps repair damaged skin providing a healthy glowing skin
  • Baking soda – Neutralizes acid and alkalizes, as pH levels are regulated. Promotes the elimination of toxins , renew, and soften dry skin


✓   Vegan   ✓  Paraben-free   ✓  Phthalate-free

Made from the simple yet premium food grade quality ingredients, this comforting bath soak will work wonders on your skin, leaving it feeling brand new. Our formula gently exfoliates, cleanses, and revives the skin for spa like results at the comfort of your home.


  • ✓  Suitable for all skin types
  • ✓  Locks in the skin’s moisture
  • ✓  Finely blended and dissolves instantly
  • ✓  Naturally exfoliates and removes dead skin cells
  • ✓  Pampers the skin for a relaxing bath experience


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