Organic Baobab Luxury Facial & Hair Oil

$ 16.97

Product Description

Baobab oil may not be a household name, but we think it’ll become an important part of your hair and skincare routines. It’s fitting that this nutrient-packed oil comes from what’s known as the “Tree of Life” in its native Africa. Just as animals rely on the ancient tree for water, you’ll come to count on baobab oil for its moisturizing properties. Organic Baobab Oil from L&I Apothecary offers these additional skin and hair benefits:

🌿  Cleanses 

🌿  Smoothes

🌿  Dissolves oil

🌿  Is non-greasy

🌿  Absorbs easily

🌿  Won’t clog pores

🌿  Helps fight redness

🌿  Is suitable for all skin types

🌿  Helps promote hair growth

🌿  Stimulates collagen production for improved elasticity

🌿  Helps heal damage from the sun, wind, extreme temperatures and pollution

🌿  Antioxidants helps with wrinkles, dark spots, uneven skin tone, and signs of aging

Our USDA-certified Organic Baobab Oil is cold-pressed to preserve essential nutrients. 



Organic baobab oil (organic adansonia)

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