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  • Henna Cones - Advanced Kit
  • Henna Cones - Advanced Kit
  • Henna Cones - Advanced Kit
  • Henna Cones - Advanced Kit
  • Henna Cones - Advanced Kit
  • Henna Cones - Advanced Kit
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  • Henna Cones - Advanced Kit
  • Henna Cones - Advanced Kit
  • Henna Cones - Advanced Kit
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The Henna Guys

Henna Cones Advanced Kit

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Product Description

The Henna Cones: Advanced Kit is designed for adorning henna parties and special events. It has all the tools required to celebrate your henna journey and to create natural-looking henna designs without creating a mess.

Our advanced henna cones kit comes with 12 plant-based henna cones, so you'll have plenty of paste to try each stencil's pattern.

Why the Advance Kit?

The henna advance kit comes with 12 plant-based henna cones perfect for special events and parties. The all-natural ingredient makes it a perfect alternative to chemical-mixed henna cones. We don't use any preservatives to make the color darker. Our henna cones are made with pure henna powder, natural herbal powders, and essential oils.

The kit comes with a full set of henna stencils which includes over 50 patterns. These easy-to-use stickers are reusable and can be applied again after washing.

Henna Cones Advanced Kit Includes
  • 12 Henna Cones
  • 2 Applicator Empty Bottles with Tips
  • Henna Stencils Kit
  • 6 pc Soft Fabric Cloth Adhesive Tape
  • 12 Cotton Swabs
  • Prep-pads
  • Aftercare Oil
  • Application Instructions
  1. You can use Henna stencils or Applicator bottle to make your own henna design
  2. Remove the henna cone pin and use it on stencils
  3. Cover the area of the full stencil, use a cotton swab to distribute the paste in each direction
  4. Let the henna paste dry
  5. If you're leaving it overnight, use the adhesive tape to seal it off
  6. Once your desired time is up, peel off the sticker
  7. Use the aftercare oil to nourish the desired area and to increase color consistency
    Henna Applicator Bottle

    In the package, you can find 2 different sizes of applicator bottles. Create perfectly controller henna lines with our stainless-steel tips. Our soft squeeze applicator bottle makes it easier for you to draw a natural henna design.

    • Fill the applicator bottle with henna paste
    • Pick the applicator tip of your choice/needs
    • Draw exciting shades of henna hair dye 
    Why The Henna Guys
    • Perfect for Henna parties, weddings, and other special events
    • Available with Henna cones and applicator bottle
    • No Synthetic Preservatives or Chemicals
    • Rich, Dark, and Long-lasting color
    • All-Natural Ingredients
    • Economy pack savings

        Individual Results may vary. Avoid any contact with your eyes. Keep out of reach of children. Consult a doctor if you are pregnant. Do not use on eyelashes. Although this is made without preservatives, please do a patch test before using it. Stop using if redness or irritation occurs.