Orange Red Henna Beard Dye

$ 14.95

Product Description

Our plant-based Orange-Red Henna Beard Dye will cover up those sneaky greying hair on the beard and mustache. The bright tones of this dye come from pure henna powder, which is the only ingredient used in this product. Organically grown and untreated henna leaves are carefully examined so that we can hand-select what leaves to turn into powder. The unprocessed and chemical/additive-free henna powder is then put through cloth sifts three times to get rid of any clumps or impurities. In the end, the user gets a very high-quality product that works effectively and leaves you with conditioned and sleek facial hair. The Orange-Red Henna Beard Dye works best with light tone hair and is not optimal for darker tones.

Why The Henna Guys?

Here is why our Orange Red Henna For Beard is a highly reviewed and hot natural beard dye.

 Gluten-Free, Raw, & Natural Hair Dye
✅ Chemicals Free & Gluten Free
✅ 100% Natural & Plant-Based
✅ Triple Sifted Powder for Non-Clumpy paste
✅ Always a Fresh Batch, Ethically-produced
✅ Comes with Shower Cap, Gloves, & App Instructions

Ingredients and how they work: 
  • Henna (Lawsonia inermis)

The sole ingredient of the product, the powder is created from high quality and fresh henna leaves. Our henna hair dye will leave your facial hair with natural orange and red tones while the henna also acts as a natural conditioner to leave behind healthy-looking, and smooth facial hair.   

How To Apply

Click below for application instructions.

Application Instructions Download PDF

Tips and Notes

Helpful Tip: You can use color-safe, sulfate & paraben-free shampoo after 48 hours of rinsing henna. It helps with getting the color stick to hair better and prevents color wash up.

Important Note: Henna hair dyes are different than conventional hair coloring products, it does not contain chemicals that are required to change the color of your dark hair, or develop color faster, with that being said, it takes around 2-3 hours minimum for the application process. Please reach out to us before placing an order if you have any questions about the application process.

Allergy Warning: 
Although our Orange Red Henna Hair Dye is made with 100% natural & plant-based ingredients, some people may still be allergic to plant-based products. To rule that out for our dark brown henna, please do a strand/skin test before full on application.

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