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Why you should choose henna over every other hair dye option

The current pandemic has led to many restrictions, including the closure of many hair salons across the world, and we’ve started to get a little frantic. Boxed synthetic hair dyes full of ingredients that can harm your hair, or even your health, if used improperly have been desperately cleared from pharmacy shelves. If you were wary about henna hair dye before, now is the best time to find out what henna dye is and why you should choose it over every other hair dye option.

What is Henna Dye?

We know that henna is a natural ingredient derived from the henna plant, more formally known as the lawsonia inermis shrub. Henna has been used for centuries by many cultures, especially in India, as a ceremonial dye for the body, clothing, and even the hair. It hasn’t been until recently that the natural benefits of henna to dye the hair. It can come in a few different colors, however, the final result will vary based on your own tint and other unique factors. 

What’s Wrong With Regular Boxed Dye?

Although there isn’t anything particularly wrong with using boxed dye, it does come with many risks and health concerns. The first problem is that, if you don’t have the experience or follow the directions perfectly, you can seriously harm your hair. Often people think that if they leave the dye in their hair for longer periods of time that it will be more permanent or darker. In reality, this is where the bleach and other harmful ingredients really start to strip the nutrients from your strands (but that already happens as soon as you begin dying). 

Why Should I Choose Henna?

Unlike other dyes, henna conditions your hair instead of strips the needed nutrients. It builds and protects your hair from damage without inflicting any itself. Your hair is left stronger, thicker, and more natural and healthy looking without the need of the many other products people use to reverse the negative side effects of synthetic dyes. It’s also not completely permanent and doesn’t quickly fade like boxed dyes do, only tinting or staining your hair naturally, which means you can try different colors or shades without needing to wait months in between. 

Interested in finding out if henna dye is better for your hair without us providing you with the facts and proof? You’ll have to see the amazing benefits yourself. Reach out for a conversation with a member of The Henna Guys team today or take a look at our current stock to find the product that will work best for your hair type and requirements.



Are your henna products metal and salt free?


I absolutely love all of the products I’ve purchased from Henna Guys! My hair is sooo much healthier, stronger, shiny and thicker😊
The only problem I seem to be having is with my roots…I’ve tried mixing with coffee, leaving it on overnight and after wrapping warming with my hairdryer…my next application(dark brown) will be my fourth and I would appreciate any pointers or tips you can offer! Thanks for all of your hard work during these challenging times, your products are amazing💗


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