The Top 6 Natural Ingredients to Include in Your Skincare Routine

The Top 6 Natural Ingredients to Include in Your Skincare Routine

Get amazing skin with plant-based products containing these natural ingredients.

Skin care can be complicated. Whether you have acne, wrinkles, sensitivity, dark spots, or some other issue, the number of products on the market can be overwhelming. And how do you know which ones to trust? Start by looking at the ingredients. Whether solo or as part of a skincare formula, it’s hard to go wrong with these popular ingredients.

calendula extract

1. Calendula

Calendula is used in skincare products for its many skin-loving properties. This native of the Mediterranean region fends off sun damage and other environmental hazards thanks to an abundance of antioxidants. Calendula offers these benefits for the skin:

🌿 Soothes and smooths

🌿 Helps give a dewy glow

🌿 Fights dullness

🌿 Helps with fine lines and other signs of aging

🌿 Evens out skin texture

Our Calendula Cream is made with organic calendula flower extract, vitamin E, organic shea butter, and a host of other skin-friendly ingredients. Get it now at The Henna Guys’ store.

2. Niacinamide

You may have heard about this powerful ingredient, which has made an appearance in many serums and creams lately. A form of vitamin B3, niacinamide tackles some of our worst skin complaints. As nature’s answer to skin concerns ranging from age spots to loss of elasticity, count on niacinamide for help with the following:

🌿 Calms skin

🌿 Fights redness and helps fade dark spots

🌿 Tones and firms skin

🌿 Boosts skin’s protective barrier

🌿 Enhances moisturizing capabilities of other ingredients

Our Ultimate Age Defying Facial Serum can help diminish the signs of aging while boosting your skin’s ability to retain valuable moisture.

3. Pumpkin Enzymes

Pumpkin enzymes have been enjoying a moment in the skincare world. But these beauty boosters are anything but a flash in the pan. Pumpkin enzymes really deliver when it comes to these skin issues:

🌿 Exfoliates 

🌿 Reveals smoother skin

🌿 Brightens dull skin

🌿 Hydrates dry skin

🌿 Detoxifies for healthier skin

The Pumpkin Enzyme Mask from L&I Apothecary is easy to use. Just massage into skin and rinse off to reveal smoother skin. Get back that healthy glow in only seven minutes!

4. Argan oil

While not exactly new, argan oil continues to retain its status as a highly valued skincare ingredient. Loaded with vitamin E, this easily absorbed skin oil is sought after for its many skin-loving properties and luxurious texture. Here’s what argan oil does for skin:

🌿 Brightens

🌿 Hydrates

🌿 Helps balance oil production

🌿 Firms skin

🌿 Safeguards the skin’s protective barrier

Use this lightweight oil on its own, or blend a little with your moisturizer to enhance its abilities. Argan oil is suitable for all skin types and may even help with acne. 

5. Goat milk

The benefits of goat milk for skin have been in the spotlight lately. With more people seeking out natural alternatives, it was only a matter of time before this nutritious milk was recognized for its skin-boosting properties. This natural skin helper helps get rid of dead skin cells yet is incredibly gentle on skin. Here’s how goat milk can help your skin look and feel its best:

🌿 Brightens

🌿 Exfoliates

🌿 Helps improve texture

🌿 Softens

🌿 Helps balance skin’s pH level

Great for all skin types, this powerhouse ingredient can help you achieve your best skin ever. Make room for our Goat Milk Facial Cleanser in your skincare routine. You’ll love the results!

6. Activated charcoal

Purer and more porous than the stuff you use on the grill, this carbon-rich ingredient binds to other substances and filters out impurities. This time-tested ingredient has made a comeback in products ranging from toothpaste to wound treatments. That’s because it’s an amazing detoxifier but is gentle enough for a wide range of uses. Other activated charcoal skin benefits include:

🌿 Deep-cleans

🌿 Absorbs oil

🌿 Draws out toxins and other impurities

🌿 Leaves “good bacteria” intact

🌿 Helps prevent acne and other lesions

Our Charcoal Facial Cleanser is your weapon against all kinds of skin impurities. Loaded with fatty acids and other nutrients, it guards against environmental damage and everyday grime.

From argan oil to niacinamide, nature makes the best skincare ingredients around. Find all the best plant-based products for skin at The Henna Guys’ online store. Shop for cleansers, moisturizers, serums, and more. Or opt for a skincare kit to simplify your morning and evening skincare regimens. 

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