Shikakai and How It Can Benefit You Today

Shikakai and How It Can Benefit You Today

Native to Asia, this plant is scientifically known as Acacia concinna and more commonly known as shikakai. The tree species has been used for centuries for Ayurvedic and many other purposes.

The whole tree, which also bears fruit pods, is usually utilized when used for its advantages and includes the bark, the leaves, and the fruit. Shikakai is known to be very beneficial to hair and skin problems. Here are some great benefits of this amazing plant:

Promotes Heart Health

Shikakai is known to help promote healthy hearts. It will help lower the bad cholesterol while boosting the good cholesterol found in our bodies. Shikakai is also known to help control blood glucose levels. This is essential to keep our bodies and heart health.

Healthy Skin

Shikakai is known to help individuals with dry skin to bring back healthy and glowing skin. It helps moisturize and penetrate the dry layers of the skin to restore a natural glow. Those suffering from skin diseases like psoriasis or eczema may also find shikakai to be beneficial and soothing.

Eliminates Dandruff

Shikakai is known to be an ingredient in many shampoos that help with dandruff problems. It helps nourish and moisturize your scalp to help get rid of the dandruff caused by it. The natural properties in shikakai will also help relieve the itching that is often caused by dandruff or an overly dry scalp.

Naturally Detangles Hair

Shikakai is known to help those who have dry and overworked hair. It will help detangle hair without causing any pain and without any extra additives or chemicals found in store bought detanglers. It is perfect for kids since it is gentle and will not cause any commotion.

Natural Conditioner

This plant works wonders as a conditioner. It helps restore your hair from being over dried and frizzy to reveal luscious hair that is soft and smooth. It helps lock in natural oils and minerals. You can mix shikakai powder with your favorite hair mask to achieve effortless and beautiful hair.

Hair Growth

Use shikakai to help your hair grow stronger and faster. Working at the root of the hair, shikakai has been known to add strength while helping promote hair growth. It is a great add in to your favorite hair routines in order to get the maximum results.

 There is a vast variety of benefits provided by shikakai. The majority of this plant is used to create its most common form, shikakai powder. The powder form makes it easy to add into your favorite hair masks or skin masks. Shikakai is known to assist individuals of all types. Try this impressive and natural plant in your daily routine to experience the advantages it brings.

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