Reetha: Amazing Uses You Don’t Want to Miss

Reetha: Amazing Uses You Don’t Want to Miss

What is Reetha?

Reetha is also commonly known as soapnut. This plant has the botanical name of Sapindus mukorossi and is a member of the Sapindacea family. These trees produce fruit which is what is essentially used for ayurvedic and many other purposes. Reetha is known to have antifungal and antibacterial properties which can be utilized in many different ways. Here are some amazing benefits of this super fruit:

Jewelry Cleaning

Reetha powder can be mixed with water to create a mixture that will bring back dull jewelry back to life. It helps gently remove away built up and dirt that may be causing your jewelry to look old and unattractive.

Face Wash

With its amazing antibacterial properties, reetha can be made into a face wash to naturally cleanse the skin. Reetha is known to be very gentle on the skin so it is perfect for those who have incredibly sensitive skin. It can also be used by those who have skin issues like eczema because the face wash is free of ingredients that can be skin irritants.

Evens Skin Tone

Many people have used reetha to help even skin tone because it has amazing properties that are very beneficial for facial use. It is known to help with complexion and reducing uneven skin tones.

 Helps Acne

Again, with it’s natural antibacterial properties, reetha can be essential to those who are troubled by acne. By including reetha in your daily facial routines, it will help get rid of any unnecessary bacteria and dirt build up to have your skin looking clear and glowing in no time.

Adds Shine

Reetha powder can mixed into your favorite hair masks to help hair naturally shine. It will add amazing shine to hair that has is drying and dulling and is perfect to use even daily so that your hair achieves that glossy shine and natural smoothness without any harmful chemicals or ingredients from styling products.

Relieves Dandruff

A drying scalp can also be brought relief with reetha. It will work as a natural conditioner to help bring out natural oils that your scalp may be lacking and is the cause of dandruff. Individuals struggling to get rid of dandruff can use reetha powder in a hair mask to help condition and revive the scalp’s natural oils.

Hair Growth

Many hair products use reetha as an ingredient to help the hair grow. Reetha is a great additive to hair masks and very beneficial to those are facing difficulties in hair growth or even hair fallout. Not only does it assist in helping your hair grow, it will also make sure your hair grows strong.

Reetha has been used for hundreds of years in many different ways and in many different products. This powerful ingredient can be easily added into your daily routines and weekly face or hair masks so that you can achieve the maximum results and benefits of it.

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