How to Deal With Humidity for All Hair Types - Hair Humidity Tips

How to Deal With Humidity for All Hair Types - Hair Humidity Tips

Summers are finally around the corner. Everyone is ready to follow the warm breeze toward outdoor activities and beach days. What we are not excited about is the humidity hair monster!

Every year, many of us surrender to humidity ruining our (expected) good henna hair days. Some try to flee the situation, while others learn to fight it.

Yes, you can wrestle with the frizzy hair, and actually win! All you need is patience and some preparation ahead of time. The secret to how to stop frizzy hair in humidity lies in knowing what actually causes it.


What Causes Frizzy Hair in Humidity?

Summer equals humidity, which equals frizzy hair. But why does the air moisture blow off our hair?

Science says the reason lies in hair bonding. Hair strands are put together with weak hydrogen bonds, that are susceptible to water. The moisture in the air breaks these hydrogen bonds and changes their position. The new position is varied strand shapes, commonly called frizz.

Damaged or already porous hair is more affected by environmental moisture. Dry hair acts thirsty and becomes the ideal prey for humidity. People with better hair health are least expected to get frizz.

Does Humidity Affect Straight or Curly Hair?

Humidity is a friend to no one. It affects straight, wavy, and curly hair equally. Although, frizz acts differently on different hair textures. Straight hair gets puffy, wavy hair looks blown up, while curly hair resembles those of a poodle. 

Some people with very fine hair even experience flat and lifeless hairstyles in the summers. The most upset targets are the ones with dry, dull, and porous hair. If we overcome this condition, we could tackle frizz!  

How to Stop Frizzy Hair in Humidity

It may seem impossible to run from frizz in summer, but you can ward it off too much extent.

If you want your hair to look nice, you got to keep them prepared. It involves precautions, on-spot measures, and some changes in daily hair practices. Let’s have a look at the best notable frizz-free hair routine

Stay away from heating tools

Normally, we come out of the shower and rub a towel to dry the dripping water from our hair. And if we’re in a hurry, we use a blow dryer.

These drying methods, although not wrong, are not enough to protect from humidity. We recommend using a super absorbent towel like a microfiber one for maximum moisture control. Instead of stroking it roughly, try gentle dabs.

Avoiding heating tools like a blow dryer can significantly reduce the frizz condition. The best way is to let your hair dry naturally in your house, before hitting the outside air

Fine-Tune Your Shampoo Routine

Shampooing is fun until you have too much of it. Over time, women have seen their hair get dry and frizzy when exposed to continuous shampooing.

The chemicals in shampoos rip off the natural oils in your scalp, leaving your hair dry and prone to frizz. Put an interval to washing hair, at least for two days. Don't shampoo more than three days a week.

Using sulfate-free shampoos that specifically target frizz will be a welcome addition to this new routine

Don’t Skip Conditioning 

Hair conditioners were introduced to specifically target dry and dull hair. Using them after every wash can boost hair manageability, helping in humidity hair control.

A worth mentioning thing is choosing the right conditioner. Not all market products can be your go-to options. Choose a conditioner with majority of natural ingredients like The Henna Guy's Argan hair conditioner will help you in your frizz-free hair goals. Keep in mind to check for paraben and sulfate-free products. 

Bag a Leave-in Conditioner 

We all use shampoos, oils, and conditioners for our hair care. What extra you need for humidity hair is a leave-in conditioner. The ideal product will keep your hair protected from UV light, humidity, and pollution throughout the day. Remember to check the ingredients list for sulfates or other chemicals.

You can check The Henna Guy’s detangling leave-in conditioner for maximum results. The product is full of natural ingredients that work together to keep your hair frizz-free. It works best with all hair types.    

Let Out Your Natural Hair Look

We all love to wear our hair just the way we want, be it curly, wavy, or straight. Honestly, there’s nothing wrong with that! However, trying to change your natural hair texture can be a bad choice during humid weather. The heating tools seep your hair moisture, making them desperate to absorb some from the environment.

Wearing the hair texture you were born with can prove to be much help in this season. Put a pause to experimenting and let your natural hair game shine

Keep your Hair Nourished 

Nourishment is the sole thing that keeps us alive. For hair, you need to feed them healthy ingredients too.

Natural hair oils are premium products to protect hair from humidity. Their useful fatty acids lock the hydration and strengthen the hair follicles. Oiling can be used both as a self-care routine and an on-the-go fix.

For stand-alone products, coconut, almond, and amla hair oil make an excellent fit. You can add a few drops of essential oils to maximize the results. Tea tree, lavender, peppermint, and rosemary essential oils are ideal for frizzy hair.

Apart from oils, you can also use other plant-based hair masks. The best agents include Organic Cassia powder, Mulethi powder, and Neem hair masks. 

Get a Keratin Treatment

Keratin is a protein that leaves your hair smooth and shiny. The treatment may be expensive in some areas, as it is a highly demanded one in humid conditions. This speaks volumes about its efficacy.  

A single keratin treatment can cut the whole summertime without the frizz. You won’t even remember it happens. Smooth and manageable hair will also cut the styling time in half. There will be days when a light brush will be enough to set your hair for the day. 

Use Gels or Hair Sprays

Long-lasting hair gels and sprays can control frizz for much time. Take a significant amount of product and apply it to your hair before going outside. Gels are comparatively more effective in hair humidity control, especially for wavy hair. 

These products may work for the time being, but using them every day is not a great suggestion. Chemicals in gels and hair sprays may damage your hair if used regularly. Thus, limit this option to particular days only.  

Get Regular Trims

No matter how much you love your hair, you have to trim the ends to keep it safe. Bulky and damaged hair face problems running from the humidity monster. So, getting rid of split ends as soon as they appear is the right thing to do. 

A haircut with light layers may also cut the weight that otherwise falls prey to moisture. People with uncut split ends and bulky hair have to bear extra-frizzy hair during these seasons. 

How to Wear Your Hair during Humidity?

If your hair is naturally straight, keep them straight. If they are curly, let them be. The best way to defeat frizz is to keep your hair in its inborn texture. Lock the heating tools away for summers, the humidity will wash off all your labor anyway. Use as natural hair products as possible. 

Wearing a tied-up hairstyle is perfect for a neat look in humid seasons. You can shine the day in a loose braid, or a full or half up-do. Keep these styles in place using gels or give it all to hair oils and stay-in conditioners. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to deal with humidity hair?

You can tackle frizzy hair in humid weather by keeping them nourished. Use natural conditioners, hair oils, and gels. Ensure you avoid heating tools and dry your hair perfectly before going out. Wearing tied hairstyles also help give an orderly look.   

how to dry hair in humid weather?

Drying hair is a challenge in humid weather. You can give your maximum by using a super-absorbent, microfiber towel. Avoid heating tools and let your hair dry naturally. Make sure you don’t set your foot outside with even a few wet hair strands.  

Can humidity cause hair loss?  

As humidity resettles the hair bonds, it can weaken their linkage. Wilted roots and hair follicles get tired of holding hair in its place. If not catered to on time, humidity hair can cause tangling and eventually hair fall. 

How do I keep my hair straight all day in humidity?

Keeping straight hair in humid seasons requires a little extra effort. Tie up your hair at night before the planned day. Straight your hair in sections and never go overboard with it. Using leave-in hair oils and conditioners will keep the hair in place.

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