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How to Stop Hair Fall after Coloring in 7 Easy Ways

Getting a 360-degree change in your hair look is not a pie. It comes with the expense of time, money, and sometimes, your hair health. 

With hair dyeing becoming trendy, hair fall has also become common. Though it is not always related, in most cases, it is the only culprit. 

Feeling your hair falling out after dye? The products may be to blame. That’s why it is said to care extra for your hair after coloring them. Worry not, The Henna Guys is here with a working guide on how to stop hair fall after coloring. Let’s hop in!  

What causes hair fall after dyeing?

Hair coloring is exciting until you don’t have hair left to color. It is common for women who love dyeing to experience thin and falling hair. So, why does that exactly happen?

The answer lies in the ingredients. Almost every packaged hair dye comes with at least one of the harmful chemicals like Ammonia, PPD, or Hydrogen Peroxide. These toxic chemicals take away the protein and nutrients in your hair, slowly making them brittle. It results in hair losing its integrity and falling out of despair.   

Permanent dyes

The type of hair dye also speaks volumes about its results. Some hair dyes like the permanent ones go deeper into the scalp. Such products are more prone to disturb the natural hairline, resulting in its demise.     

Types of hair colors

Permanent dyes

Permanent hair dyes contain bleaching agents to lighten your present hair color. This, in turn, damages the hair strands to much extent. Using such hair dyes every other week is definitely a big problem.

Semi-permanent dyes

Semi-permanent hair dyes color your hair for a shorter time, thus the name. They usually darken your natural hair hue without lightening them. Such colors are comparatively more tolerable on hair. They are free of bleaching compounds like Ammonia, which is a big sinner otherwise.   

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Treatment for hair loss due to hair dye

If your hairline is not completely destroyed by the dye, you still have a chance. The great news is, dyes can’t affect the hair that is yet to grow. 

Taking a break from hair colors

If you are sure that your hair coloring is a “bad influence”, you need to put a full stop to it. Embrace the color you have at the moment and let it shine for a while.

Skipping this step will make no reverse changes to the damage. So, put every new look you have in mind on hold. If the coloring is very urgent, you can replace your dyes with natural ones.

Using natural hair dye

Natural hair dyes come from plants without any added chemicals. These are not prepared in the lab, and thus, are cruelty-free. The bad news is, Henna is the only natural hair dye present. But the good news is, it is present in a variety of shades of red and brown!

natural hair dye

Henna works wonders on most hair types, without putting your scalp in danger. The powder comes with numerous benefits for hair health, and may even help in damage restoration.

Nourish to the core 

We all need nutrients to flourish, and so does our hair. Boost your nourishment game a little by giving the scalp everything it desires; oiling and deep conditioning. You can use hair growth oils or make your own hair masks with organic ingredients. Use them twice or thrice per week. 

Eating a healthy diet with more protein can also boost hair health. No matter if your hair is already damaged or you want to adopt a preventive measure, nourishing is always in demand. 

Use safer products

Sometimes, we focus more on what we should use and neglect what we are already using. For hair health, we advise you to look at the products already on your shelf. Do your shampoos and conditioners have sulfate or paraben in them? Are your hair oils packed with chemicals?

If you have answered Yes to these questions, it's time to restart your hair-care game. This time, choose sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners, and organic hair oils.

Avoiding heat treatments

Heat can damage hair strands and seep out their water content. if you are already facing hair fall due to frequent dyeing, keep away from heating treatments like blow drying and curling.

Avoiding such harsh methods for some time will give your hair time to recover. So, embrace that frizz and let your hair rest.

Trim the weak tips

Split ends are the common symptoms of bad hair health. Schedule a trim as the first step to getting rid of poor hair. It will remove the damaged parts right off the bat. Keep away the weak ends with constant trimming as your hair grows.

Cold washes 

Hot water on a weak scalp can act as fuel to the fire. It will further scrap off the damaged parts and hinder their recovery. Replace your hot showers with cold washes for some weeks. 

Besides, washing your hair less frequently may also help. This will reduce wear and tear to the scalp. Even the color will last longer for you to enjoy. 

When will the new hair grow after hair fall?

Regrowth can only happen when the dyeing process is changed. Once you put an end to any more hair colors and let the follicles recover from the damage, the growth phase will begin. 

It may take a few days, weeks, or even months. Total time varies depending on the damage percentage and how well you do the aftercare.

What can be other reasons for hair fall?

 Hair dyes are not always the ones to blame. Your unusual hair fall can also be due to other factors, like:

  • Pregnancy or lactation
  • Stress or insomnia
  • Malnutrition
  • The side effect of medications
  • Any underlying medical condition
  • Genetic alopecia   

Every problem comes with suitable solutions. So first, you have to rule out the main cause of your hair fall and then apply the recovery options.


The less frequently you use chemical hair dyes, the better will be your hair. However, it is recommended to redye your hair no sooner than 4 weeks. Semi-permanent dyeing is comparatively less toxic and can be used more often.

If you are completely changing colors through a permanent dye, we recommend waiting at least 6 weeks. Other than that, you can always use natural hair dyes for a color boost.

Frequently asked questions

Why did hair dye make my hair fall out?

Artificial hair colors contain chemicals like Ammonia and hydrogen peroxide that damage it in the long run. These agents can weaken your hair follicles and shafts, resulting in falling out.

Will hair loss from dye grow back?

If your damage has not affected the scalp completely, you still have a chance. Your hair grows with each passing day. You can use this to your advantage to nourish the upcoming hair and that’s how to stop hair fall after coloring.

Which hair dye does not cause hair loss?

Only natural hair colors like brown henna and vegetable-based dyes are safe for your hair. These packaged products can also come with chemicals, so make sure you buy authentic and organic dyes from trusted buyers like The Henna Guys.

Can I dye my hair if I have hair loss?

Hair loss indicates damage. As chemicals in hair dyes are already toxic, using them on a weak scalp will only increase the hair fall rate. You may use a natural dye or avoid them altogether. 

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