How to Lighten Dyed Hair at Home

How to Lighten Dyed Hair at Home

Did you make your hair too dark? Did the stylist mess up with your hair shade? Or perhaps your DIY home-made project didn't go quite as planned! Whatever the reason, if your hair color has gone too dark or pink or any other color, the first thing that pops up in our mind is 'how to lighten dyed hair.'

Don't worry! We've got plenty of ways that you can follow. Keep reading and explore the solution for an early hair dye disaster.

What to do if your dyed your hair too dark?

what to do if you dyed your hair too dark

The hair color dye disaster can happen because of the following reason:

  • Too dark color was used
  • The color was left for a very long time
  • You didn't quite get the results you were hoping for

Generally speaking, hair dye won't lighten if it's previously colored. It's because the dye is designed to add color to your hair, not remove it.

To change the color, you have to let the molecules shrink overtime or to fill them up again, with a different color. We know that this is not the answer you're looking for, but trust us! Your options are limited.

Easy way to correct Hair Dye Color

Depending on how dark the color is, there are a bunch of ways that you can follow to lighten your hair dye. This include:

  • Try to fix using DIY methods
  • See a professional hairstylist
  • Use Color Remover
  1. DIY Fixes

DIY Project

Most probably, you will get the hair dye result on the same day. If the results are not what you've expected, the best way is to follow some natural DIY techniques.

  • Lemon Juice

This might be the oldest trick out there but it's the most effective. The acidity in lemon restores the natural pH level of your hair and changes your hair tone to a lighter shade. The best way to use it is to mix the juice into a spray bottle and spritz it over the hair.

Now just go out into the wilderness and spend some time in the sun. Because lemons are essentially made of citric acid, it needs a little warmth of the sun to make its magic.

  • Sea Salt

As if you need another excuse to go to the beach, sea salt is one of the best natural ingredients to help lightens your hair color shade. Mix some sea salt in water and apply it to your hair. Spend some time in the sun, rinse your hair thoroughly following your sun session.

  • Honey

One of the keen ingredients in honey is hydrogen peroxide, making it a perfect natural remedy to lighten your hair. Mixing honey with your regular hair care regime will do the trick. You can also add honey to the conditioner for value-added results.

  1. See a professional hairstylist

See a professional hairstylist

If you've done your hair dye from a salon, it is better that you take the issue to them. This is one of the easiest ways to lighten your dye as they have all the tools required to do the job. If the stylist is any good at their job, they'll ask the following questions.

What brand of color did you use?

This is very important to consider as different brands have different ingredients in their products. While the removal process is sort of a global approach, it is still better to go with a compatible company based product.

Did you dye your hair in-house?

If you dye your hair in-house, then we're guessing you've used Henna. It is a natural product that will fade away automatically over-time.

When did you first apply the dye?

If the hair dye is done in the 24 hours’ time period, you have better chances to lighten your dark hair. Once they are done asking you questions, they will start the removal process.

  1. Use Hair Dye/Color Removal

Use Hair Removal

There are tons of hair dye/color removal products, specifically designed for hair dyes. A color eraser or color remover is a chemical product that reverses the oxidation level of hair molecules. This method is also available in the market but is highly dependent on your approval as it's made from toxic ingredients.

Note: Chemical-based products are strictly applicable on your behalf. We don't recommend these as they may have a severe side-effect depending on your skin type. 

Can you Lighten the hair at home?

Of course, if you can dye your hair at home, then you can certainly fade the coloring as well. If you have a lot of time, try using shampoo.

This will help remove color build-up and lighten the shades. Don't expect drastic changes as it may take some time to fade away.

Try using a different Shade

It doesn’t hurt to try a new shade if you have messed up the previous one. Going for a much darker shade is recommended in this case. But remember, don’t change the color immediately. Make a gap of 3-7 days before applying new hair dye.

How to prevent it in the future?

  • Use Natural Hair Dye

Natural hair dyes are made of natural materials, so the results are organic and free from any preservatives. They also have less hair dye duration, as other hair dyes use chemicals to increase the timeframe.

Note: With Henna for hair products, you can't lighten your hair dye once it's done. However, the dye performance is shorter compared to regular dyes. 

  • Consult with a specialist

Consultation is always the key. Share your unique color dye idea with your hairstylist, family, or friends. Get feedback and evaluate your result.

  • Communicate with your hairstylist

If you're worried that your hairstylist is not using the proper shade, then speak to them. Communicate with them about the outcome and possible results.


We hope that you've learned a lot from this blog. It may seem tricky but patience is the key once you have dyed your hair.

Sure you can use shampoo, but the rest of the methods may include chemicals that are not worth the extra effort. Let us know if have any question down in the comment section.

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Thanks for info. 👍 My favorite is the lemon juice, I’m trying to find a good more natural hair spraybtoo. I only use hair spray when I’m out and about .👍


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