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How to Get Thicker Hair Naturally

For many of us, thickness and volume are the top hair goals. Whether your locks are thin or you've always wanted a shampoo ad-worthy head of hair, thicker hair is within reach. From thickening shampoos to the best hair care habits, these tips will help you achieve a thicker mane over time. 

Fake it Till you Make It

Cutting thin hair shorter can actually make it look fuller. Long strands can look especially thin, while a bob or other blunt cut visually adds volume. Tease hair at the roots to fake volume at the crown, then comb hair over and spritz on hairspray to avoid the teased look. Or use a large, round brush to lift hair while blow-drying. Control fly-aways and give your ends added definition with a good hair finishing gel. Defined ends look thicker and healthier than frizzy ones, so give those baby hairs the boot ASAP!

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Switch up Your Style

Go wavy for an instant hair thickener. Use a thick curling iron for big waves and curls, or sleep in big, cushiony rollers to avoid heat damage since healthier hair looks thicker. Hair can appear flat after laying in the same direction for long periods of time, so get an instant thickness upgrade by changing your part to the other side. Use a volumizer or dry shampoo at the roots for extra thickening power.

Use Thickening Hair Products

If you prefer natural hair products, you'll love katha and brahmi powders. These herbal powders help thicken and condition hair when made into a paste with water and applied as a hair mask. Or add them to henna hair dye to thicken hair while naturally coloring your locks. Many new henna users are surprised to find that they get an extra dose of thickness from the dye in addition to that fresh new natural hair color! At The Henna Guys, we make it easy to get thicker tresses while coloring your hair naturally. Try our Hair Thickening Combo for both straight-from-nature color and added volume.

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Eat the Right Foods for Thicker Hair

The right foods don't just give you a healthier, stronger body. Foods rich in "good" fats and quality protein can also help out in the hair department. Spread avocado on sprouted bread, treat yourself to salmon for dinner, and snack on a handful of walnuts loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids for more voluminous hair. High-quality supplements can also be helpful. However, check with your doctor or read the National Institutes of Health's recommendations for vitamin and mineral levels to avoid taking too much of any one nutrient.

Make the most of your hair with these tips for naturally thicker hair. From a better diet and improved daily hair care to natural hair products, simple changes can help you get hair you'll love without resorting to chemical-based solutions.






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