Henna For Beard & Hair dye for Men - It actually makes sense

Henna For Beard & Hair dye for Men - It actually makes sense

As a young boy, I remember walking down aisle staring at all the boxes of hair dyes and wondering why in the world would anyone need SO many different shades of hair. Well, then I grew up and found the answer myself as I gasped in horror after getting my first white hair. That’s when the fun part began, NOT! Trying to find the perfect shade of box dye and it actually matching and working for you is a work of art. However, trying to find a color that won’t be harsh and irritant is, well, basically impossible.

Regular box dyes have started to receive competition from natural hair dyes. Now for those of you who don’t know, Natural hair dyes is made with henna which is a red dye derived from the plant Lawsonia leaves and can be used as a hair color. Natural henna is known for its beautiful red/orange tones, but when mixed with the right ingredients, there are a vast variety of options for anyone. One of the critical natural ingredients mixed with henna to create these different shades is known as Indigo powder (indigofera tinctoria). These two natural ingredients work to not only provide a large selection of shades but also bring its users many benefits to achieve healthier hair.

Many people have been making the switch from box dyes to henna hair dyes to take full advantages of the raw and natural ingredients. Conventional box dyes contain harsh chemicals and color developers that will give you desired color, but also damage your hair and health in the long run. P-Phenylenediamine(PPD), sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and ammonia are chemicals found in most box dyes, compounds like these help with better color development since they create a bond between the color and your hair by breaking down molecules. While they might bring a better color, they are also known as toxic carcinogens that affect the skin of your scalp and face when used on facial hair. These are just a few of various similar chemicals that you can find in box dyes along with others such as parabens and resorcinol. Yes, these compounds work to color your hair, but in the long run, they will destroy the health of your hair and scalp and in some extreme cases, make you take a trip to the ER. Yeah no thanks, I’d instead save myself that trip!

So why are so many people making the switch to natural alternatives, Henna is made of a plant and when processed correctly, it is chemical free. It is an excellent news for people who have sensitive skin or are just scared to use harsh chemicals continuously.

Henna dyes have become a lot more popular with men, also. Many men, along with using it in hair, have been trying henna as a beard dye. So why use henna on your beard? Well, to begin with, it’s usually chemical free which means you don’t have to freak out whether accidentally leaving it on 30 seconds longer will cause a chemical burn or irritate your skin just as you’re getting ready for the big day. Using natural henna/indigo dyes such as, Henna Beard Dye, will help save your facial skin from all the potent chemicals that would be absorbed if using box dyes. Not only that, but henna is also known as a natural conditioner.

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