Amazing Benefits of Neem

Amazing Benefits of Neem

What is Neem?

Azadirachta indica is a tree species which is commonly known as neem. The neem tree is native to countries in South Asia and can be found in tropical areas. The neem tree grows tiny fragrant flowers that are white in color and also bears fruit. Neem leaves are known to have many health benefits and are available in many different forms such as oil, tea, powder, or the leaf itself. Here are some great benefits that neem can bring to you:

Naturally Detoxifies

Neem is known to have detoxifying properties. This works by boosting the liver and kidneys to help get rid of the toxins that our bodies may be storing. Getting rid of those toxins helps our bodies be healthier.

Reduces Acne

Antibacterial properties found in the neem plant is beneficial to those struggling with acne prone skin. Neem will help in removing the clogging bacteria found in pores and acne to reveal smooth and bacteria free skin. It also helps with calming down inflammation which is often caused by acne.

Healthy Skin

Neem will help clear away any bacteria that may be found on the surface of the skin and even bacteria that may be hiding in the layers of the skin. Using neem oil or neem powder in a face mask will help you achieve amazing skin results and will get rid of the clogging dirt that may be causing your skin to dull.

Eliminates Dandruff

Neem is a popular ingredient in shampoos that aid in getting rid of dandruff. It helps nourish the scalp and brings out the natural oils to help hydrate the scalp. Neem works at the hair follicle and that is why it is so effective. You can get dandruff free hair by using neem oil or mixing in neem powder into your favorite hair mask.

Strengthens Hair

Neem is known to have natural conditioning properties that will help hair become strong. Working at the roots, neem will strengthen each individual hair follicle while conditioning it. It also promotes hair growth so it is perfect for those struggling with hair loss or hair growth problems.

Neem has been used for hundreds of years in many different ways. This amazing plant is helpful to a variety of individuals suffering from different types of problems. The neem leaf is the most common part of the plant and is used to extract neem oil or make a fine powder. No matter form you decide to use, you will find that neem will help enhance your life for the better.




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Can I use your neem powder in homemade toothpaste
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