Amla Powder and How It Can Aid You In Many Different Ways

Amla Powder and How It Can Aid You In Many Different Ways

Although most people know it as amla, Indian gooseberry is also a common name for this sour-tasting, power-packed fruit. This superfood is naturally rich in calcium, Vitamins B & C, iron, and carotene, which all contribute to the many uses and benefits it provides.

Amla comes in many different ways to use. The most commonly known is amla powder. This powder is safe to consume just by itself, though the bitter taste might scare some away. For those not wanting to ingest it by itself, it can be added into a drink or on top of your favorite fruit.

You can also alter your favorite hair or face masks by adding in a bit of amla powder to take full advantage of the nutrients and benefits of it


Boosts Immunity

Amla is known as a natural immune booster. It strengthens your immune system to help fight off infections or virus at first sight

Heart Health

Heavy with chromium, amla will help with those with diabetic problems and help consumers to monitor levels of blood glucose. It can also help control high cholesterol levels which essentially leads to overall improved heart health.

Stronger Bones

Amla is good for consumers of all ages since it helps build stronger bones by helping to get rid of cells that are known to make bones weak. It is extremely beneficial to those who may be prone to bone diseases or weakness.

Great Skin

There are also a lot anti-aging properties found in amla so it is excellent for those who want to slow down the process. It is very helpful to those who deal with skin problems such as dull or pigmented skin because it will help skin glow and brighten

Hair Growth and Strength

Amla is widely known as a great tool for hair because it will help reduce graying hair and also provide nutrients in order to promote hair growth. It is also great for those who to strengthen hair that has become weak.

Amla will help replenish hair that has been damaged by hair products or stylings such as irons or curlers. Consumers that are having trouble getting rid of dandruff will also find amla to be beneficial.

Amla is used worldwide and is known for the amazing properties that can help relieve and aid health problems, give you healthier skin, or just enhance the look of your hair. It is very easy to use and includes into any hair or face mask since its most common form is in powder. We hope that you make the decision to give this super herb a try for yourself!

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