How to Deal with Age Spots

How to Deal with Age Spots

When you think of aging skin, fine lines, wrinkles, and crow’s feet probably come to mind. But some of the biggest age-based offenders are actually uneven skin tone, dark spots, and other discolorations. Luckily, a few lifestyle adjustments and the right skincare products can help reduce the impact of age spots on your appearance.


What Causes Brown Spots on Skin?

You might think age is the obvious answer, especially since these discolorations are called 'age spots'. But skin damage of any kind triggers brown spot-causing melanin production. Even small blemishes can leave behind dark spots. Here are some other common causes of age spots on the skin:

  • sun damage
  • harsh facial or body scrubs
  • pregnancy and other hormonal changes
  • sun exposure after taking certain medications

Wear a 30+ SPF sunscreen during the day, and avoid the sun during its peak hours from 10am to 2pm. Stay out of the sun after taking NSAIDs and tetracycline antibiotics or receiving chemotherapy treatment. Choose gentle skincare products made without harsh ingredients, and avoid scrubbing too hard when using exfoliants.

Plant-Based Solutions for Age Spots

Whether they show up on your face, hands, or body, dark spots are one of the peskiest beauty problems we can think of. However, the right products can help diminish the look of brown spots on skin. Check out these gentle-yet-effective options from The Henna Guys:

1. Calendula Cream

Calendula reduces redness and helps with uneven skin tone. It's also known for diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This thick, rich cream for face and body also contains carrot seed oil to help fade age spots. Carrot seed oil is an antioxidant-filled powerhouse that stimulates cell renewal and slows down the signs of aging. 

carrot oil

  2. Lavender Essential Oil

If you only think of lavender oil as something you diffuse when you want to relax, you're missing out on its anti-aging properties. Often overlooked as a natural beauty aid, lavender essential oil helps with fading brown spots. Dilute lavender oil with jojoba, marula, argan, or another carrier oil before applying to skin.

3. Age Defense Day Cream

Lactic acid isn't just good for hyperpigmentation; it's also adept at stimulating collagen production for firmer, younger-looking skin. Our Age Defense face cream contains lactic acid-packed goat milk, skin-renewing coconut oil, and antioxidant-rich aloe leaf juice to refresh your skin.

4. Lightening & Brightening Serum

This highly effective anti-aging serum contains rose flower water and organic lemon peel extract to brighten and even out your complexion. Aloe leaf juice contributes antioxidants, and hyaluronic acid helps bring back some of the firmness that age can rob your skin of.

5. Lavender Shortbread Body Scrub

Exfoliation is key to cell renewal for skin that looks fresh and young. This body scrub is an excellent exfoliator for the body, but it does it gently so your skin doesn't produce too much melanin. Help prevent dark spots by adding this gentle body scrub to your bath or shower routine. Did we mention that it smells amazing, too

If dark spots are making your skin look older, give these tips and products a try. Head to The Henna Guys' store for the best plant-based products for hair and skin. Our products are cruelty-free and contain no parabens, sulfates, phthalates or other harsh ingredients.

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