Cavin Schon

Ultra Thick Moisturizer Creme

$ 9
  •  This luxurious unscented crème can be used alone, it can also be used to thicken lotions. Can keep it as is or scent away to your hearts little desires. To enhance with essential or fragrance oils combine preferred oils with sterilized mixer at 0.25%-3% of products final weight. Make sure you start small and build up if you add to much fragrance it can not be removed. Allow to settle before filling.
  • This crème is a versatile stable base crème and can be used with jojoba beads or walnut shells for a hydrating refreshing crème scrub for dry skin.
  •  Coconut oil helps in many ways for your skin and hair. The fatty acids Caprylic & Lauric found in the oil helps hydrate and moisturize making it an ideal solution for all skin types. The skin is also protected because of its many antioxidants and antimicrobial properties balance out and help heal the skin from candida or fungal sources that can cause skin conditions. Finally because of all of these properties it can help reduce the signs or aging and keep skin smooth.
  •  Amazingly this crème can help your hair as well if you suffer from dandruff or dry hair. The fatty acids in the coconut oil help aid in improving these conditions. It also makes a great natural conditioner.
  •  Proudly made In the USA 100% natural products by Cavin Schon. We stand by our products totally and if you are not completely satisfied offer a full refund.

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