Organic Marula Luxury Face Oil

$ 16.97

Product Description

Marula Oil is an exquisite and luxurious addition to your daily skincare that enhances the beauty by moisturizing and hydrating the skin. This vegan and cruelty-free Marula oil is lightweight and non-greasy which makes it easy to absorb.

Marula Oil for Skin

Extracted from Marula trees in an organic way to ensure purity and goodness of nature. It miraculously helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

It boosts collagen production and promotes youthful skin. Provides long-lasting hydration that reveals your inner glow and boosts radiant skin. A perfect gift for your dry skin to keep hydrated and nourished.

Marula Oil for Hair

Marula oil gives a non-greasy finish to your hair and helps to smooth the frizziness. When applied in hair, it also gives a healthy scalp and improves hair texture, ultimately provides strengthening to the hair.

The rich dose of anti-oxidants in it helps to repair the hair and balances the hair’s natural oils. Marula oil has occlusive properties and nourishes the hair from root to tip.

Enriched with omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids that boost hair growth and protect the scalp from dryness, ultimately strengthen the cellular membrane to repair damaged follicles.

Benefits of Our Marula Oil?


  • Produced with cold-pressed technology to preserve vital nutrients.
  • Rich in Anti-oxidants and Vitamin E which is secret of youthful skin
  • Works amazingly to reduce wrinkles & avoid getting wrinkle formation
  • Moisturizes skin naturally adding a youthful glow.
  • Improves skin complexion and offer rich hydration
  • Moisturizes the scalp and promote growth
    How to Use it

    For Skin:

    Apply few drops on the skin, rub gently in circular motions for a min or two and leave. Use daily to get hydrated and younger-looking skin.

    For Hair:

    Take the desired amount and massage directly into the scalp. It will quench the dryness of the scalp.

    Note: You can also add it to your routine lotion, shampoo, and body cream for long-lasting moisture

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