Mustard Body Soak Enhanced with Eucalyptus

$ 23.95
Product Description

Made with organic Mustard and 100 % Pure Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Helps detoxification of your body, Helps with relaxating muscles. Just add 1-4 of the bath soak to your water and soak as long as desired.


  • Organic Mustard Seed Powder –A great powerhouse of Vitamin A, C, K and is rich in antioxidants while helping eliminate dead skin
  • Atlantic Sea Salt – Essential minerals help clean the pores deeply and balance oil production
  • Epsom Salt – Comprised with minerals, magnesium, and sulfate. It is a natural exfoliate and help with sore muscles
  • Eucalyptus Essential Oil – Aroma helps uplift mood and calms down the mind


✓  Vegan   ✓ Paraben Free   ✓  Gluten Free  ✓  100% Natural

Organic Mustard Body Soak Is 100 % Natural, the soak will help minimize your skin pores and helps muscles relax. 

Take advantage of our spa like bath soak which works to relax, exfoliate, and pamper your body. Our mustard enhanced eucalyptus bath is made with pure ingredients that will give you bath results like no other. Ease your mind and body with this reviving formula.

What are the benefits of goat milk bath soak?

  • ✓ Stimulates sweat glands to help unclog pores
  • ✓ Uplifts the mood
  • ✓ Relieves muscles soreness
  • ✓ Purifying and deep relaxing bath
  • ✓ Chemical and additive free



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