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Medium Brown Henna For Hair

$ 12.95

Medium Brown Henna

✓ Gluten Free, raw & natural hair dye

✓ Chemicals free, silky smooth

✓ Blend of henna, indigo, amla & neem.

✓ Triple sifted powder for non-clumsy paste.

✓ Always a fresh batch, ethically produced

✓ Comes with shower cap, gloves & application instructions 

Ingredients and how they work:

  • Henna (Lawsonia inermis): The base of our medium brown henna hair dye starts off with pure henna, milled into a super fine powder from natural henna leaves. This bright red toned powder is then mixed with other ingredients to create different shades.
  • Indigo (Indigofera tinctoria): Blue toned indigo powder is mixed with henna powder, a red tone, in specific ratios to help create this rich medium brown henna hair dye. Indigo powder also comes from a plant and enables the creation of shades of browns and blacks when mixed with henna.
  • Myrobalan (Terminalia bellirica): To enhance the color of henna, myrobalan is added into the product. This ingredient comes from the nuts of a specific tree and the natural color of the dye is a faint yellow. It helps in fine tuning the medium brown color.
  • Amla (Phyllanthus emblica): Brighten your color and help keep it intact with the amla powder, a derivative of the Indian gooseberry. It works wonders with its natural properties to help you achieve better color results.
  • False Daisy (Eclipta alba): Minerals in false daisy cover your hair with gorgeous sparkle and leave your hair shiny and gleaming.
  • Neem (Azadirachta indica): Neem helps pull together the final results by leaving your hair and scalp flake free and deeply conditioned.

How to apply Medium Brown Henna?

Find application instructions here

Tips and Notes:

Helpful Tip: Please use fresh brewed black coffee liquid to mix henna for optimal results, you can use color safe, sufalte & paraben free shampoo after 48 hours of rinsing henna. It helps with getting the color stick to hair better and prevents color wash up.
Important Note: Henna hair dyes are different than conventional hair coloring products, it does not contain chemicals that are required to change the color of your dark hair, or develop color faster, with that being said, it takes around 2-3 hours minium for application process. Please reach out to us before placing an order if you have any questions about application process.

Allergy Warning: 
Although, our medium brown henna hair dye is made with 100% natural & plant based ingredients, but some people may still be allergic to plant based products, to rule that out for this product, please do a strand/skin test before full on application of medium brown henna.

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Sean Holt

Excellent Color

After my extensive research on herbal hair dyes, I found Henna Guys natural dyes. I tried it for the first time about 6 months back and since then, I have become a regular customer. I use this medium Brown dye because it gives the exact shade that I want and improves my hair volume as well. Moreover, it is easy to apply and the color lasts for quite a long time.

Amanda Gephart

Wonderful Experience

It was my first experience of using any Henna product. I preferred Henna Guys because of their credibility. One of my friends always uses your products and she told me how effective your natural range of hair care products is. I purchased this Medium Brown Henna for enhancing the natural shade of my hair. It also added shine and softness along with removing dryness. Besides the color lasted longer than the chemical dyes’ color. I will purchase from them again.


Best for my Beard

I found this Henna Dye very effective for tinting my beard and mustaches. I prepared the blend by mixing with brewed coffee liquid. Then I applied it on my mustaches and beard and left if for about 5 hours. It was easy to wash and gave the best result. It was my first time with Henna dye and I will use it again next month for sure.

Leizl Soliman

Perfect Color

I recommend you all to try Henna Guys natural dyes for boosting hair growth and instant damage repair. I am using the medium brown henna dye for adding a natural, beautiful color along with shine and smoothness to my hair. It gives commendable results every time. In addition to other benefits, it has improved my hair volume as well. The best thing is it comes with easy to understand instructions, gloves and a head wrap. If you want to improve your hair health, you should also try it out.

Toby and Azsha Cormier

The Best Natural Dye

I used to buy chemical dyes for my hair because they were quick in giving results. But they began to damage my hair and my friend recommended me to use the natural henna dyes for preventing further damage. I choose this Medium Brown dye by Henna Guys and the results were simply amazing. I got the desired color and henna nourished my damaged hair. I just love it.

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