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Lavender Essential Oil

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Common Name: Lavender

Botanical Name: Lavendula

Plant Part: Flower 

Origin: Middle East and Mediterranean

Extraction Method: Steam Distillation

Description / Color / Consistency: Thin light yellow color with a hint or green

Aromatic Summary / Note / Strength of Aroma:  A medium floral, light and mesmerizing aroma that takes you to the garden of paradise

Blends well with:  Lemongrass, Black pepper, Cyprus, Grapefruit, Mandarin.

Product Abstract:

Lavender belongs to the family of seven polyvalent that are popular toxin-fighting agents.  Ancient civilizations used Lavender in perfume and bathing for its unmistakable aroma, with extensive relaxing and soothing qualities. Lavender oil’s popularity roots back to its sedative and skin healing properties. Lavender as a herb has long been used for aromatherapy and strewing. Because of its dynamic aroma, lavender essential oil is a popular ingredient in perfumes, cosmetics, and skin care and hair care products. For a beginner experience with aromatherapy with essential oil, there is no better choice than lavender.

Why Buy From us?

Essential oils extracted from steam distillation are the purest and finest quality oils. At Cavin Schon, we avoid using extraction methods that may debase the essence of the plant or could be injurious to health. Steam distillation contains no harmful chemicals and is universally regarded as the best extraction method of essential oils for it sustains the essential compounds of the plant. We recommend you to use lavender essential oil that is extracted safely and gently for the best topical experience.

Cautions: Steam distillation extraction method leaves high concentration oil, as it is 100% pure. We recommend a test patch prior to use. If you have allergies or have a sensitive skin, we recommend you consult a specialist before using this product. For external use only. Never use undiluted.

Storage: It is recommended to transfer the oil from the shipping container to a glass container. Avoid keeping in plastic. Maximize shelf life by keeping in a dry and cold space.

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