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Indigo Powder for hair


The natural dye that is obtained from Indigofera Tinctoria leaves is called as the indigo dye and the powder that is prepared by crushing the leaves of this plant is called as the indigo powder. The production of indigo powder started many years ago in India that then spread out all around the world. In past, many countries regarded indigo powder as a superfluous product because of many uses.

Ancient women adored indigo powder as a best natural dye to color their gray hair black. As a natural hair care product, it is commonly known as “Black Henna”. This indigo powder has no hazardous chemicals or pinch of any additive that can impair your natural hair. It is pure and safe to put on any sort of hair. Most of the famous hairstylists have recommended Indigo Powder to get dark brown or black hair.

How to Apply Indigo Powder on hair?

Now you do not need to go to the hair salons to get your hair dyed. Follow the simple instructions given below and you can get your hair dyed at your own at home.

•    Go for the hair strand and skin test before using indigo powder.
•    Always prefer natural hair dye.
•    Give touch-ups on the roots for more consistent color.
•    Use this hair color on the clean hair.
•    Use Vaseline on the hair line.
•    Read the usable quantity for single time use written after the pack.


•    Mix the powder with water according to the amount mentioned at the back of the pack. Stir until the mixture is smooth.
•    Wait for 1 or 2 hours until the mixture sets.
•    Wear some old shirt and plastic gloves.
•    Divide the hair into 4 parts for the thorough application of the mixture.
•    Apply one by one on each section.
•    Cover your hair with the shower cap after application and wait for 3 to 5 hours.
•    Rinse the hair dye with cold water.
•    Use shampoo after a day.

Why choose indigo powder to color hair?

This is 100% pure and natural hair dye with no harmful side effects on hair. It makes your hair shiny and healthy. When used along with henna it can shade your hair in dark brown or black color. Our indigo powder results are quick and reliable. All the hairstyles are even enhanced if your hairs are dyed with indigo powder.

Trends of using Indigo Powder as Natural Hair Dye:

Indigo powder is used as a natural hair dye since it was discovered. Ancient people called it as a dark brown or black for hair. In past this was usually used by the Asian women as a natural hair color along with henna to dye their white or gray hair black but after sometime the hair trends undergo the diverse change and hair colors and hair dyes were introduced. People usually use indigo powder along with the pure henna because in this way it really makes the fine natural hair dye with amazing advantages.

Best Hairstyles to carry for your dyed hair:

There are many latest haircuts and hairstyles that are well complemented by the use of indigo hair dye.

Short hairstyles:

Wind-swept Glamour:

It is the best short hairstyle for the curly hair. The waves and curls are sizzlingand in latest fashion trends. This is easy to get and passionate short hairstyle. This look will suit on all the face cuts. The specialty of this hairstyle is that it can unstiffen thesquare shaped faces and can lengthen the round shaped faces. The people with naturally straight hair should ask their hairstylist to help them this hairstyle.

High-class Zest:

This is one of the best hairstyles for round faces and straight smooth hair. Great gloss and no perm give an impeccable look to this hairstyle. This is a seamlessly genteel bob that looks cute and is exciting to garb. Use the round brush to comb your hair for this style. All the hair colors will look good in this style but its best-recommended hairstyle for black hair.

Medium Length hairstyles:

Glossy Southern style:

Among the medium length hairstyles, it is most gorgeous hairstyle to carry. This lustrous medium length style has long crosswise knocks, stunning indigo highlights and elusive narrowing at the ends. Go to your nearest hair salon to get this hairstyle. It will be most attractive if you have a round or oval face cut.
Half-Down Waves:
This is particular formal or wedding hairstyles for the medium length hair and wood look even graceful with the black henna shine. The lax locks are so girlish, and the slight puffy half top texturesthe hair to be super sophisticated. It is indeed the perfect hairstyle for every face cut.

Long Length hairstyles:

Playful Ponies:

Ponytail really looks cool and smart. You will love this long length hairstyle that would surely flare up your desire for long hair. With the beautifully dyed hair,these high playful voluminous pony hairstyles will convince you to grow your hair long as early as possible. The broad faces will carry these pony styles very nicely.

V-Edged Long Hair:

No doubt this best hairstyle for long hair with the nice haircut and hair color looks really magnificent. This haircut is a style in which you got the layers cut throughout the length that ends in the V shape. This cut enhances the texture of your hair. The haircut would suit best on the heart-shaped faces or long faces.