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Indigo dye is a prehistoric dye of dark brown/black that naturally occurs in all the kinds of the blossoming herb that fit in to the genus Indigofera. There are 700 species in this genus but only a few of them are used to extract the indigo dye, the most common of which is Indigofera Tinctoria. This plant is grown and cast off all around the world. It is famous as “Black Henna” that dyes the hair black.
This indigo powder is 100% natural and pure and can be used safely as the hair dye.  There are different ways in which the indigo powder can be used and every way will communicate different color to your hair. People mostly use this powder to blacken their hair.

How to apply indigo powder to hair?

Wash your hair and dry before the using the indigo powder. Take a bowl and pour the specified amount of powder, mentioned at the back of the pack, into it according to your hair length. Add water and stir until you get the pudding like consistency. Leave the mixture to set for 1 or 2 hours. Dress in some old shirt, wear gloves, section your hair and then start applying the mixture on your hair. When the application is done cover your hair with the shower cap and set the stop watch for 3 hours. After that time, wash your hair thoroughly with the tap water. Rinse properly, till you can see the clear water running through your hair. Use shampoo within 24 to 72 hours of rinsing.

Different ways of using the Indigo Powder on hair:


If you are blonde:

The indigo powder if used alone on the blonde or white hair will make you go dark brown to black-headed; the intensity of shade depends on upon for how long you have applied it. If you want the black hair by using indigo powder you will first need to apply pure henna on your hair. By using henna you will have vivid red hair. Now if you use indigo powder over vivid red hair you will get the jet black hair with natural shine (it may require more than a one-time use of indigo hair dye). You can also have light, medium and dark brown hair with the help of indigo hair dye and henna. For the light brown hair use 2 parts henna and 1 part indigo powder and vice versa for the dark brown hair. For medium brown hair add both in equal amounts.

If you are black or dark-brown:

The indigo powder blackens the black hair with dark brown to black highlights. If used along with henna the indigo powder conveys warm black color to black hair with the glamorous twinkle.

If you are gray:

For the gray hair, there are many shades that indigo powder can provide. With two parts henna and one part indigo powder you can get light brown hair color, with equal quantities of both you get the medium brown color though you may need to apply the mixture twice or thrice depending upon the texture of your hair, for dark brown hair mix one part henna and two parts indigo this may also require more than one application. For the black hair apply henna first then after a day, apply indigo powder (the indigo powder can require two to three applications to get the desired black color).
Latest Haircuts that will suit “Black Henna” Dyed Hair:
Carefully selected Haircut according to your hair color, hair texture and face cut is very important for your overall personality. Here are suggested some of the smart and latest haircuts that will complement your Black Henna dyed hair.

The Front Layers:

In this haircut, the hair is densely layered about your face. There should be layers hardly at the rear side and finishes of your hair. This cut is best for the sleek and long hair, and indeed more suitable for the thick and voluminous hair. There are different ways in which you can set your hair that is cut in layers. For the long or oval faces the layers should start at the length of your cheekbone and if you have a tetragonal jawbone, layers should start little above the cheekbone.

Long length Hair with Bangs

To sidestep rough appearing rounded bangs ask your hairdresser not to cut them so widespread. The best bangs are those which make a clear triangle that brings into line the peripheral edges of eyes. With the long lengthened hair take progressed layers cut in the front and for the rest of the hair it is up to you to take any haircut you like such as light layers or step cutting or feather cut or simply no cut. If you are opting layers then the first layer should start below your chin.

Tapered Ends

The layers hair cut is always amiable and favorite. The long layers confiscate unnecessary density of hair and help to make the hair texture or any style, you are carrying, prominent. The straight layers should begin at your shoulder level at the back side. In this cut, the hair appears profuse but simplified.

Why choose Indigo powder for hair dyeing?

Indigo powder is safe to use without any harmful chemicals. It’s a natural dye that has been used for centuries for dyeing hair black and other colors that you can get by using this hair dye is also stated above. The use of this indigo powder as a hair dye eases your hair and makes them lustrous, glossy and dark. The results are also long lasting and trustworthy.