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Indigo Powder for hair


Indigo Powder which is also known as a dark brown to black dye is obtained from the leaves of the natural flowering plant that belongs to the genus Indigofera and is named as Indigofera Tinctoria. This plant is grown almost all around the world because of its outstanding and 100% natural dyeing property. The dye that is extracted from the plant is organic in nature and has been used for the purpose of dyeing hair since many years.
The indigo powder is being used for the hair dyeing purpose since many years. You must be familiar with this hair dye as "Black Henna". Though this powder is not actually henna but is named so because it works on the hair in a similar way as the pure henna but communicates the shiny and beautiful black color. The person who wants to get all benefits of pure henna with the mixed brown-black hair color can add the indigo powder in the pure henna mixture. This Indigo powder is made from the 100% pure leaves with no added harmful chemicals or artificial pigments. It will dye the hair black with the striking and beautiful outcomes.

How to apply the Indigo Powder to Hair?


  • This powder is not intended to lighten your dark hair. It will communicate its own color to your hair.
  • Do test this powder on your skin first, for 24 hours. If it irritates the skin does not use the product.
  • Always refer your hairdresser before dyeing your hair.
  • Apply this hair dye on the clean and fresh hair to have the long lasting color.
  • To avoid wastage of the powder, do read the usable quantity for single application mentioned at the back of the pack.
  • Give the touch-ups on the hair root for the consistency of the hair color.
  • Use Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly on the hairline before the application of hair color.
  • Make sure you wash your hair exactly after 3 hours of application.
  • Follow the directions given below carefully.


Take a bowl (preferably not made up of aluminum) and mix the hair dye with water. Stir the mixture thoroughly until you get the pudding like consistency. Leave the mixture for 2 hours so the color may develop properly. Section your hair in four parts with the comb. Wear some old shirt and gloves before applying the hair dye. Start applying the hair color section wise with the help of the coloring brush. When you are done with the application, cover your hair with the plastic shower cap. Rinse the dye from hair with the normal tap water after three hours. Do not use shampoo while rinsing. Shampoo your hair and use conditioner after a day. The color will continue to develop for 2 to 3 days.

Indigo Powder trends as hair dye:

People have been altering and improving their hair color long time before the latest hair color and dyes have been thought up. People want to blacken their gray or white hair to look young or change the hair color to show that they are trendy and fashionable, or want some highlights or hues in their hair. Today though the cosmetics industry has reached its peak with a huge variety of hair colors and dyes, the use of the natural hair coloring products, like indigo powder, is still preferred. For people, it is worthy to be familiar with other much safer and economical substitute approaches to attain almost the similar fall-outs, without any sort of jeopardize. Unlike other dyes and hair color available in the market today, this pure natural dye is much anodyne, less costly, moderate on your beautiful hair, and are changeable. This indigo powder is frequently used to give your hair the rich texture and natural black shine. The hair artists recommend this hair dye because it is natural and pure with no harmful additives and is even friendly to the sensitive scalps and you can use it as many times as you want to hide your ashen hair.  

Hairstyles for indigo powder dyed hair:

The color which indigo powder will communicate to your hair depends on upon the base color of your hair. The indigo powder, when applied to your hair, will leave a natural gleam, softness, and healthiness to your hair. Besides all this, the shades in which it can dye your hair are several and definitely eye-catching. Here are some of the latest hairstyles that will look amazing in all the hair colors that indigo powder has imparted to your hair.

Chestnut Offhand:

The extended far-flung on this extensive fairy cut tosses out in funky, quill style. It will look great on the chestnut colored hair with the indigo powder and pure henna when your hair is thick and short. This hairstyle will look more adorable on the oval or round face cut. The wavy fringe in this hairstyle will offer a lively angle.

Smooth and Straight Hair with Braided-Top:

If you have elongated, gleaming, and charming black colored hair with the indigo powder; this hairstyle will enrich your appearance and will look wonderful on you. This hairstyle needs no extra shades to be more specific any highlights or lowlights as your mellifluous straight hair will itself reproduce various hues. The interlaced top can be adorned with glitter or small flowers.

Outward Hair curls with both side pinned up:

This is a formal hairstyle to carry with the hair dyed in dark brown with henna and indigo powder. It will look more attractive if you have long or medium lengthened hair because the blow-dried curls would be more protuberant and noticeable. You may carry this style with the side-parted hair or center-parted hair. Fold your hair at the back of the ears from both sides. Attire some fancy jewels that would sparkle with your naturally dyed hair.

Crown Interweaving with Muddled Bun:

The top interweaving in the hair can be done in diverse ways that can you think suits you best. If you have straight and suave naturally dyed brown-black hair with indigo powder and henna the crown braid or any type of hair interweaving will look superlative with the muddled side bun. It will look absolutely fabulous and lovely.

Why choose the indigo powder for hair dyeing?

This Indigo powder is pure and natural hair dye. If you are blonde, this powder, if used alone will impart the dark brown to black color to your hair. If you get the black color the dye is not pure and has some additives. While if you already have the dark hair this hair dye will impart the black color to your hair with the highlights of dark brown to black that would look amazing in the sunlight. Usually, Indigo powder is used along with the pure henna and this is indeed one of the best ways to go Auburn, Chocolate brown or dark brown with the pure and natural products. The most interesting thing about the indigo powder is that it has natural anti-provocative properties. It can also be helpful in getting rid of the lice in hair. The indigo powder is inexpensive and Eco-friendly at the same time the tinting results are fast and reliable.