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Indigo Powder for hair


Indigo Powder for hair also known as “Black Henna” is a natural hair dye that is commonly used to dye the gray hair black. This dye is made by grinding the leaves of the plant that have its place in the genus Indigofera. All the types of the plants in this genus have the natural indigo dye in their leaves but the one that is most commonly cultivated and consumed; to obtain the natural indigo dye is “Indigofera Tinctoria”. A long time ago, this dye was exported from India to the whole world but then many countries managed to produce this natural dye on their own because of it is lavish and satisfactory use in dyeing cotton, white or gray hair, and silk as well.  
This pure Indigo Powder is particularly manufactured for the hair care purposes. Besides being a natural hair dye the Indigo Powder has can fight harmful toxicants that cause infections on the scalp. It also makes hair shiny and healthy. It definitely exhibits splendid results.  

How to apply the Indigo Powder on hair?

Usable Quantity:  

This powder can be used to dye hair as well as the beard. The amount of Indigo Powder to use is according to your hair length, texture, and thickness. Read the suggested amounts at the back of the pack before start mixing the hair dye with water.
i.    If you have some hairstylist, do ask her before dyeing your hair.
ii.    Always use petroleum jelly on the hairline, so if the color may bleed, it can easily be cleaned out.
iii.    Always test the hair color or dye on your skin and hair strand.
iv.    Always apply the color on clean hair.
v.    Wear some old shirt before coloring or dyeing your hair.
vi.    Use gloves and shower cap.
vii.    Use the brush to apply color to hair root tips.
viii.    You may go to nearby hair salon to get your hair dyed but by following the simple instructions given below you can dye your hair efficiently at your own home.


i.    Mix the powder and water in a bowl. Try to avoid the aluminum utensils.
ii.    In order to develop the color properly, leave the mixture to set for at least two hours.
iii.    Divide the hair into parts for the comprehensive application of the hair dye mixture on hair.
iv.    Cover the hair with plastic cap for 3 hours.
v.    Rinse the color with the cool water (The color will continue to darken for 2 to 3 days).
vi.    Wash your hair after 24 hours of rinsing.

Trends of using Indigo Powder:

According to the history of Indigo dye, the ancient women in Asia know the use of Indigo Powder as the hair dye. Today it is used as the crucial constituent in natural hair colors and dyes. You might have observed the deep dark brown to black highlights in black hair or the indigo streaks in Auburn hair or the indigo dyed hair all are done by the Indigo Powder in the latest fashion trends. The indigo highlights and streaks look very cool in the jazzy Hairstyles. For the gray hair, it is very efficiently used to get the black hair with natural shine. Along with henna, it can color white or blonde hair in different shades of brown, indigo and jet black. For the black hair, it communicates velvetiness and sheen with the deep black color. Because it is pure and natural it is always recommended to use by the hairstylists.

Hairstyles for the Indigo Powder dyed hair:

Hair styling is a chief element of the world’s fashion industry, starting from the hair salon to astounding hair styling products. The exquisiteness of hairstyle contemplations may be dogged by various factors, like the physical characteristics of the hairstyle and anticipated self-perception about some particular hairstyle or the creative instincts of the hairstylists and most importantly the hair color. Following are some of the Hairstyles that would accompaniment your Indigo Powder dyed hair:

Flounced Back:

This is a short length hairstyle. The sides are trimmed short but the hair at the shrine is kept long. The cool attractive part in this hairstyle is the top hairs that are kept long and they are totally isolated with the hair at the back and sides. The top hairs are adapted in the way that it remains away from the face and gives the gratifying finish at the back. This hairstyle would suit the hair with round-shaped face cut with normal density.

Waterfall Waves:

Girl’s always long thick hair. They are the mark of womanliness and virtuous health. There are a number of hairstyles that look so pretty and desired when you have the long length hair with decent chunkiness. One of these long length hairstyles is Waterfall Waves. These are extraordinarily spineless and effortlessly sinuous with a diverse feel emphasized with understated dark brown to black highlights. With this hairstyle for sure, you would look like an elegant princess of some fairy tale. This hairstyle will suit all the face cuts.

Glassy Bob:

If you have medium length hair or you are thinking to get a new trendy haircut with the medium length hair this hairstyle is best and presently in trend. The Glassy bob is a chic and dazzling medium length hairstyle that is enriched by an arranged rounded verge and a slight far-flung. With the thick hair texture and black hair, this will look extraordinary trendy and mod. The heart-shaped faces would carry this style very nicely.

Why use Indigo Powder for dyeing hair?

Indigo Powder is an organic dye. This is a natural product with no unreal chemicals. The Indigo Powder gives natural shine and cures the damaged hair and scalp. It has natural anti-inflammatory nature. It can be used as often as you want. With henna, it gives the variety of hair colors and highlights. This natural hair dye has been used for many years to get the healthy black hair and unquestionably is a quality hair care product.