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Deep Red Henna

Deep Red henna is one of our top selling hair dyes, It is shinier, incredibly red and looks amazing. Apart from the best red dye, it also conditions, softens & makes your hair dandruff free.It is all natural alternative to chemical hair dyes.

It contains Pure henna, red clay as main ingredients. It is in a powder form and has been finely sifted for the smoothest possible paste. 

This henna does require an overnight dye release process for best results. Leftover henna can be reapplied later if frozen right away.

Ingredients: Lawsonia lnermis Linn, Red Clay.


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  • Hello. I am interested in buying the deep red henna shade, I love red hair. My question is, does the shade fade after a while? With regular hair dyes red color loses it's vibrancy after 2-3 washes. I want something to last as long as possible. How long does it last it's vibrancy before I need to re-apply henna?

    Hello, our deep red henna is permanent hair dye, just like any other henna, it does not fade away much until your new hair roots show up.
    It contains red clay as one of the ingredient, that might bleed color for a little bit after but it does not fade away color unless you have chemical residue in your hair already from previousy chemical hair treatments like bleach or hair colors. If so, it may not hold up to your hair that good!

    Hope this helps, if not you can write us again and we will be more than hapy to assist.

  • Will this cover my grey hair?

    Yes, our deep red henna will cover your grey most effectively if instructions are followed properly. This will give you nice red/dark red color.

  • Hello, is this 100% pure henna? how come it gives so red color? and also bleeds red color after rinsing?

    Hello, our deep red henna is not 100% pure henna, our deep red blend contains 97% body art quality henna and contains additional ingredient called, Red Kaolinite (red clay) at 3% to enhance the color red, that is the reason why color bleeds after washes, if you need body art quality pure henna powder, please purchase here

  • Hi, I have black hair. I was planning to buy the deep red henna.....just wondering if the henna would add a reddish tinge to my hair! Thanks.

    Yes, deep red will add reddish tint to you hair but mostly visible in the sunlight.

    Apart from that, you wont see a big change.

  • Will it look as red as the picture on black hair?

    No, It will not, you will only see red tones in the sun if you apply this on black hair, the color in the picture would be true if you apply it on light brown or dirty blonde hair.

    Hope it helps!

    Thank you!

  • What is the difference between Wine Red and Deep Red? On my monitor they look exactly the same. Thank you!

    Hello, thanks for your message, deep red is littler darker red than wine red, both contain red kaolinite as an additional ingredient with different percentages to enhance the red color.

    Hope it helps. 

  • Has the formula for this color changed? My old packages say it contains henna powder and hibiscus, and here it says it contains red clay instead of the hibiscus.

    Thank you for your questions, yes we have improved the formula:)

  • I have bought your deep red henna, and will be using it for the first time as soon as it arrives! Your description says this colour need an ‘overnight’ dye release. Does this mean that after it’s mixed with water, I must let the mixture rest and wait 8 hours before it’s applied to my hair? Thanks in advance for your reply!

    Yes you are absolutly correct!

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