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Burgundy Henna

Burgundy henna is made from natural ingredients. It has no harmful hair damaging chemicals and will maintain the natural shine and texture of your hair. The main ingredients are Pure Henna, Indigo Powder and Red Clay.

Ingredients: Henna (Lawsonia Inermis), Indigo Powder, Red Clay.

Note: Burgundy henna requires an overnight dye release process, that means, after mixing henna powder, please leave it for dye release for at-least 8-10 hours for optimal results. 

How to Apply Burgundy Henna?

Find Application instructions here

Helpful Tip: Please use fresh brewed black coffee liquid to mix henna for optimal results, you can use color safe, sufalte & paraben free shampoo after 48 hours of rinsing henna. It helps with getting the color stick to hair better and prevents color wash up.

Important Note: Henna hair dyes are different than conventional hair coloring products, it does not contain chemicals that are required to change the color of your dark hair, or develop color faster, with that being said, it takes around 2-3 hours minium for application process. Please reach out to us before placing an order if you have any questions about application process.

Allergy Warning: 
Although, our Burgundy henna hair dye is made with 90% pure henna, 8% Indigo powder & 3% red clay, but some people may still be allergic to natural products, to rule that out for this product, please do a strand/skin test before full on application of Burgundy henna.


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  • It says 1 package is 7 oz but on the picture it says 100 g so my question is how much is in 1 package ?

    Sorry about the confusion. 100grams is 3.5 oz of powder. 7 oz is how much it is in shipping. Hope this makes sense. Thank You

  • I’m confused . I’m ready that you should use conditioner in one place when rinsing and also am ready on the back not too. So when washing out the henna should I use either conditioner or shampoo?


    Its recommended to use shampoo or conditioner only after 48-72 hours of rinsing henna out, since henna takes time to develop color completely.

    Hope this helps. Thank you

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