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Henna is a plant, which has been named scientifically as “Lawsonia Inermis”. It is named so because the actual causative dying agent in it is a molecule called Lawsone. Lawsone is of red-orange color in itself.

The concept of applying henna as different designs on the hands and also dying hair with it dates back to age of mummies in Egypt. Pure henna shares it origin with India and other Middle East countries as well.

While handling the homemade mixture of henna slip your hands into gloves. Preferably, the gloves should be the disposable latex ones. The containers should be covered with something disposable too, like a plastic wrap. This will save you from the wrath of washing them. If you have to dye your hair then choose your rest room over any other place because there is a strong chance that it may stain the counters or the floor and you start regretting the whole thing already.

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