Silicone Hair Curlers for Voluminous, Heat-Free Curls

$ 9.78

Product Description

Curling your hair with heat tools looks good for a short-term event, but it damages your hair significantly long-term. The only way to treat this damage is by lots of treatments or hair cuts. Using heat on the hair also causes the hair color from dyes to fade significantly faster. These curlers may be your new hair hack if you like styling your hair while avoiding long-term damage.

🌿 Made of silicone, so they are comfortable to wear overnight

🌿 No heat required to get beautiful, bouncy curls

🌿 No more heat damage needed to get curls

🌿 Easy and quick, good for those with busy lifestyles 

🌿 Lightweight, so they won't weigh down the hair

Each set comes with 10 curlers

How to Use

1. Be sure the hair is damp and the curlers are open before use

2. Grab a small section of hair, about one inch in diameter

3. Wrap the piece of hair around the hair. You can alternate the direction to create a more natural effect.

4. Once the hair is wrapped around the curler, close the curler

5. For best results, wait to remove the curlers until the hair is completely dry.

6. Apply any styling products after curler removal


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