Shikakai Hair Oil

$ 12.95
Product Description

Common name: Shikakai

Botanical name: Acacia concinna

Origin: Asia

Shikakai hair oil is a unique hair care formula that combines with other natural ingredients to provide your scalp with the environment it needs for encouraging healthy growth of new hair. Hair fall has become a common problem across the globe. Due to lack of care and insufficient intake of nutrients, our hair remains deprived of the care they derive. Shikakai hair oil cleanses the scalp and leaves it healthier and nutrient rich from tip to root. It fights with the various hair problems and encourages an overall hair care relief. Regular use of this product will help you maintain soft, silky and longer hair. What ruins the health of the hair most is the lack of moisture. Shikakai hair oil gives you the hydration and moisture you need to keep your hair in a desirable shape and color.


Acacia concinna

How to use?

For usage, apply a desirable amount on the roots of the hair. We suggest that you make partitions and thoroughly massage on the roots. Leave for at least 2 hours for best results.

Why buy from us?

The hair oils manufactured by The Henna Guys are rich in nutrients, minerals and vitamins that aid in healthy and stronger growth of the hair. The Henna Guys is proud of delivering a high standard quality of the oil. We do not add any artificial or harmful chemicals to our product. It is our goal to extract oil from the best method of extraction that takes care of the key compounds of the fruit. Our Shikakai oil would leave your hair smooth and soft- giving you the results you seek. We do not combine any harmful additives or chemicals which enhance the quality and standard of our products. We take pride in providing to our customers a product that leaves them 100% satisfied.

Caution: For external use only. Keep away from eyes.


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