Henna Hair Dye 4 Pc Bundle

$ 47.84

Product Description

Henna Hair Kit:

This Bundle Contains Hair Dye of your Choice, Amla Powder 100g, Shampoo & conditioner, a $57.84 value. You Save $10.00

  • Henna Hair Dye: Colors & covers your grey naturally. Conditions & adds shine. Promotes hair growth and manageability. continuous use improves overall hair health.
  • Amla Powder (Indian Gooseberry): Assists in gray coverage. Helps reduce premature pigment loss. Boosts volume and encourages hair growth. Aids in strengthening roots and scalp. Helps improve hair color tones. 
  • Shampoo & Conditioner: Hydrates dry and strangles hair, prone to damage and breakage. Renews hair and soothes scalp leaving hair silkier, softer, and shinier. 
  • Allergy Warning: Although our products are made with plant-based ingredients, sensitivities and allergic reactions are possible. If you do not know your allergies, always start by doing a strand/skin test before applying any hair or skin product.

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