What is Henna & why its good for you.

Henna is a plant, which has been named scientifically as “Lawsonia Inermis”. It is named so because the actual causative dying agent in it is a molecule called Lawsone. Lawsone is of red-orange color in itself.

The concept of applying henna as hair color dates back to age of mummies in Egypt. Henna shares it origin with India and other Middle East countries as well.

Are you still not sure about the powers of pure henna? It can be used for dying hair without being scared of harmful consequences later on. Henna is all about color, revolving around the shades of red and orange. The colors which are promised when you are buying henna tell the consumer a lot about the product right away.

If the product or the seller is promising you colors like brown, black and blonde with the application of henna without mentioning other natural ingredients like cassia, amla, indigo etc.. then it is ought to be fraught with peril. Such henna has other dying molecules than Lawson and this is not it. The dyes are fixed in the henna powder by adding metallic salts to it Pure henna does not give any other color but orange or red. For other shades it needs to be mixed with another natural compound i.e Indigo, Neem, cassia obovata etc…

Your skin might not give an abrupt reaction to such dyes or metallic salts but it is definitely harmful. I can tell you one thing for sure, no matter how pretty the color is, it is never worth risking your skin and hair.

Henna dyes come in powdered form. If this powder is stale, it will never give a good and longer-lasting color to your hair. The only probable way out of this, is to buy pure henna from a promising supplier rather than from a shop. Go for someone who has won the confidence of your friend or any relative previously if you haven’t bought henna before.

And here’s a quick tip. If you get good quality pure henna, then buy more! Buy a lot of it.
This tip comes with a warning too. That’d be, that pure henna is not all about fancy dying and pretty color but a lot of mess as well.

The beauty of opting pure, sifted, powdered henna is that it is the healthiest form of dying but in a paradoxical way it brings mess and hard work too. But what is a little cleaning and managing in front of the joy of healthy staining?

While handling the homemade mixture of henna, slip your hands into gloves. Preferably, the gloves should be the disposable latex ones. The containers should be covered with something disposable too, like a plastic wrap. This will save you from the wrath of washing them. When you have to dye your hair then choose your rest room over any other place because there is a strong chance that it may stain the counters or the floor and you start regretting the whole thing already.

Saving your forehead and facial skin from over-application or the mixture spills can be avoided by putting some petroleum jelly on it evenly.

Want to dye? Want to keep it natural? Want your skin and hair to be free of toxic chemicals? Don’t want to spend a load of money on it? Then choose henna over anything else and surprise the people around you with gorgeous results!

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