Manjistha: The Amazing Uses of a Superpacked Herb

The botanical plant Rubia cordifolia, is commonly known as manjistha or Indian madder. The herb has been around for thousands of years and has been used over a wide spectrum of benefits. With heights up to one and a half meters, the plant is known to bloom small yellow flowers and produce bitter-sweet berries. The natural red color of the berries is often used in production of red pigmentation. While it has been used a detoxifier for many centuries, there are many other ways to utilize this super herb.

Lymphatic Support

The herb has been known to help balance out our lymph systems. It helps destroy toxic cells and helps boost the health of other cells. It also aids in flushing out the unneeded toxins found in our body.

Supports Heart Health

Manjistha is known to help regulate cholesterol levels to help maintain a healthy heart. It boosts the levels of the good cholesterol our bodies need while helping lower the bad cholesterol. It is excellent for those who are dealing with high levels of cholesterol or are having issues regarding heart health.

Blood Regulator

Studies have shown that the use of this herb can help regulate and maintain excellent blood levels. Manjistha is known to help regulate blood flow and can help those dealing with blood clotting issues. It is also known to help the blood get rid of toxins and purify it.

Glowing Skin

A natural anti-inflammatory, manjistha can help calm down inflamed or puffy skin. It is also packed with antibacterial properties that are beneficial to not only those dealing with skin diseases, such as eczema or psoriasis, but also to individuals suffering from acne. It will also help in aiding those with skin discoloration to help achieve and maintain healthy, glowing skin.

Mainly used as a supplement, this superpacked herb can be beneficial to a wide variety of consumers and individual. It can be used internally or externally to achieve the maximum level of results. We recommend including it your daily routine so that you can enjoy the many benefits that manjistha provides.


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