How to Get Better Skin: Skincare Tips for 2020

How to Get Better Skin: Skincare Tips for 2020

2020 has been hard on our minds, souls and bodies -- and that definitely includes our skin. While common skin issues like acne, dryness, dullness and roughness aren’t unique to this year, some of us are experiencing the worst of them due to mask-wearing and changes in our routines. Whether or not you're working at home, help is available for some of the more daunting skin problems of 2020.

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Whether you work in a setting where masks are required or spend a good deal of time in stores and other mask-mandated environments, you may be dealing with maskne. This is a type of acne mechanica normally experienced by athletes, which is caused by heat, friction and weight or pressure on the skin. Wearing face masks traps hot air, creating a warm, humid environment that sets the stage for yeast, bacteria and even skin mites to flourish. These conditions can cause small pimples around the nose and mouth or trigger rosacea flare-ups.

Wearing a clean face mask every time isn’t just hygienic; experts say it’s a must when it comes to spreading the slow of the virus. But it also prevents bacteria from building up inside masks, which can increase the risk of maskne. Resist the urge to overdo it with facial masks, exfoliation and other skin treatments. Instead, maintain a regular skincare routine with a gentle cleanser followed by a mild toner and moisturizer. How often you exfoliate depends on how sensitive your skin is. Some people can’t tolerate any exfoliation, but a once- or twice-weekly regimen works for most people. 

Dull Skin

Dull skin can happen anytime, but being at home in a climate-controlled environment for most of the day can wreak havoc on your complexion. Get outside when possible, and throw open the windows for fresh air -- even if it’s a little chilly. Whether or not you work at home, focus on staying hydrated with water and other non-caffeinated, non-alcoholic beverages. Once again, a good exfoliator is your friend. Our Arista Pumpkin Enzyme Mask is great for brightening and renewing facial skin. Anti-inflammatory pumpkin enzymes gently freshen and soothe dull skin.

Dry Hands


If you’re like most of us, your hands have been through the wringer these days. Between heavy hand-sanitizer use, constant disinfecting, and having more dishes than usual to wash, your hands may be dry or even cracked and bleeding. The best thing you can do for dry hands is to wear gloves. Heavy-duty household gloves protect hands from the ravages of detergents, cleaners and hot water. Opt for a gentle but effective hand sanitizer containing natural ingredients. Keep a few good hand lotions in places where you’ll be likeliest to use them. Stash a jar of rich, non-greasy hand cream in the kitchen and bathroom to make post-washing application easy. 

From maintaining a maskne-prevention routine to moisturizing your dry hands, the right products make all the difference. The Henna Guys offers vegan products with pure, natural ingredients. Whether you’re looking for a way to fix your stay-at-home skincare concerns or henna hair dyes to change up your hair color naturally, we have everything you need to take down those 2020 beauty problems.

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