Holiday Health and Beauty: Best Self-Care Gifts for 2020

Holiday Health and Beauty: Best Self-Care Gifts for 2020

2020 has been a year for self-care. If ever there were a time to soothe, comfort and pamper yourself, this is it! There’s also no better way to show your love, appreciation or friendly feelings towards someone than with the best self-care gifts to shop for online. Make his or her birthday, anniversary or holiday extra-special with these indulgent gift ideas for 2020. We’ve arranged our gift suggestions and stocking-stuffer ideas by price to simplify staying within your budget.

Under $10

 1. Hair Finishing Stick: The frizzy-haired among us can testify to the need for a product that whisks away flyaways and baby hair for a smooth ponytail or updo. Regardless of hair type, most of us could use a hair tool that keeps strays in check! Even better, it works without making hair stiff or crunchy. 



Simple to apply with a mascara-style wand, this compact beauty tool fits easily in a purse or makeup bag for quick touch-ups. And it’s TSA-compliant for hassle-free air travel.  



$10 - $20 

2. Argan Oil: This popular oil offers incredible hair and skin benefits. Few natural beauty products give you as much bang for your gift-buying buck as this multifunctional oil. Impress even the pickiest person on your list with this antioxidant-packed cleanser, moisturizer and hair conditioner in one. 

 Argan oil is a natural anti-aging product for the skin. Its omega fatty acids strengthen skin tissue and help prevent wrinkles. The oil also brightens the skin and helps diminish the look of age spots. Anti-inflammatory linoleic acid soothes red, swollen, bumpy, tender or itchy skin and scalp. It won’t clog pores, and its oil-balancing properties help keep acne at bay.

Oleic acid helps with product absorption, especially when used after cleansing and moisturizing to seal in hydration. This quality makes argan oil a great choice for frequent travelers. Argan oil is good for dry skin, eczema and other skin conditions.

The oil’s benefits extend to hair, too. It softens the cuticles for fewer tangles and improved manageability. Argan oil is also an excellent shine-booster and helps with both frizz and dandruff. Antioxidants lower the risk of heat and sun damage while extending the life of haircolor. Phenols stimulate scalp and promote hair growth, especially when used with a hair-loss treatment. 

Look for pure argan oil like this one from L&I Apothecary. It’s also USDA-certified organic and won’t break the bank at $15 for two fluid ounces.


3. Organic Shaving Oils and Butters 

The men on your list can enjoy a smoother, more comfortable shave every time with help from organic shave products. They’ll love prepping skin with the pre-shave oil and pampering it afterward with rich shave butter. Organic oil softens follicles for a smoother shave while lowering the odds of razor burn and skin irritation. These natural shaving products are available from The Henna Guys in invigorating Lemongrass & Eucalyptus, earthy Sandalwood, relaxing Geranium & Lavender, and Unscented for those with sensitive skin.

Add a shaving brush in brown or black, or try the shave kit, which includes everything he needs for the perfect shave.


$15.95  Shaving Butter

$19.95  Pre-Shave Oil

Over $20

4. Arista Pumpkin Enzyme Mask

Give the gift of seriously fresh skin with our Arista Pumpkin Enzyme Face Mask. The AHAs in pumpkin enzymes even out skin tone and improve texture for the ultimate in skin renewal. Glycolic acid gently exfoliates for clearer, smoother skin, while anti-inflammatory vitamins A and C soothe skin and reduce redness. Pumpkin enzymes also boost collagen production to help with acne and fine lines. This pumpkin prezzie is sure to please!


5. Essential Oil Diffuser

The lucky recipient of this compact diffuser can experience the healing and mood-enhancing power of essential oils while brightening their decor. Its sleek, modern design and exciting color options make this essential oil diffuser the perfect self-care gift. It’s lightweight enough to easily move from room to room or to take on weekend getaways. 360-degree misting action allows for maximum scent distribution. Choose from white, blue, and orange.


6. Organic Essential Oil Combo

Versatility and value make this one of our favorite gifts for natural-beauty enthusiasts. Whether they disinfect the air with purifying eucalyptus, clean surfaces with citrus, perk up with peppermint or prepare to drift off with lavender, this box of six multifunctional essential oils will help them make the most of every day. 

Fans of aromatherapy will love the selection of USDA certified organic essential oils in this handy six-pack. From calming lemon to fatigue-fighting eucalyptus, the set contains an oil for almost every need. Essential oils should be diluted with jojoba, carrot seed, avocado and other carrier oils to reduce strength. In fact, carrier oils offer their own impressive benefits for hair, skin and mood. Two to five drops of essential oil can also be added to unscented lotions or creams. Or your gift recipient can simply fire up the diffuser and enjoy the mood-enhancing benefits of these all-natural, organic oils.


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