Hibiscus: More Than Just A Pretty Flower

What is Hibiscus?

This gorgeous flower growing in part of Asia is full of more nutrients and benefits than you would’ve imagined. The tropical plant has been part of people’s everyday lives and skin/hair routines for hundreds of years and it may change your routine too!

Boosts Immunity

Hibiscus is known to help boost your immune system so that it can fight off bad and unwanted cells, viruses, or bacteria in our bodies. It is known to carry antigens that are anti-carcinogens. It has also been used for ages to cure your common cold or flu.

Heart Health

Hibiscus known as a cholesterol balancer that helps control bad cholesterol while boosting the good cholesterol. This is essential to heart health and can be very helpful to those who are struggling with cholesterol problems.

Stress and Anxiety Relief

Flavonoids found in hibiscus can also be helpful and calming to those with anxiety or high levels of stress. Hibiscus oils are often used in different products to help those who may struggle with anxiety or stress.

Strong Hair

People dealing with weak and thinning hair should hibiscus to strengthen and rebuild the damaged hair follicles. Acting as a natural conditioner, it will help nourish your scalp and get rid of dryness or dandruff. It is excellent for those who are dealing with hair fallout.

 Prolongs Hair Color

Hibiscus will help you keep the color of your hair longer and prolong the life of the color. It also helps prevent greying of the hair and keeps dyed or natural hair color intact.

The hibiscus plant not only looks pretty, but it also provides powerful benefits. The most common form of it is found as tea or hibiscus powder which can be made from drying out the flowers and then granulating them into powder form. Hibiscus powder can be added into your favorite hair as an excellent conditioner or skin masks for even further benefits.


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